Sunday, February 26, 2012

R U Soulfully deFEETed?

“One of the first things on record after a baby is born is the footprint, the sole of the feet. Often even a name has not been decided yet when this one of a kind ‘mark’ is made. The feet help to identify the life from the beginning. Likewise, at the end of a life, another identification tag is often placed upon the toe of the foot.From the beginning, our feet are a foundation for the future destinations. Walk with me for a while...
From the starting line of any race, the toes of feet are aligned against the starting point. Standing on the edge of a cliff usually implies that you have your feet and toes directly at the point of no return. The feet are identified with motion,placement,and ultimately direction. Without feet one’s impaired mobility will result in a flawed stride. Even though the soles of the feet(and palms of the hand) are the toughest areas of skin on the human body, even when this area is injured, the pain is felt throughout the entire body.
Think about your body this way. The lowest area is the sole of your feet. The furtherest areas on either side are the hands. And the highest point, the top of your head.
These were some of the areas on the body of Christ that were wounded upon Calvary’s tree for our Salvation.
It is wise to respect the part of your person that literally supports all your weight when you take a stand. When you stump your toe or twist your ankle you know it will hurt. And should you cut the skin of your feet, the healing may take time. This area is under the pressure unfortunately felt by the wound; a constant reminder of error.
Let’s look at how our spiritual feet are similar to our natural feet.
When you walk in faith, you prayerfully tread upon your enemies. These enemies may be areas of weakness or people who wound your spirit.
When you walk in the natural and something is present that may harm you, you tread upon it by placing it under your feet. Or you elect to turn and walk away from the person or the temptation that is in your path for these are not necessary.
The toughest areas of your spiritual feet are also the softest part of your soul. This area not only withstands temperature but temptation and terrain as well.
We adorn our feet with extravagant and often expensive foot wear. Even though our selections may not always be the healthiest options in upholding our body as we walk, we continue to accessorize our feet with the shoes we like even though...
Remember ~ as you walk barefoot, your sole to the dirt of the earth, you are open to injury. Likewise, if you walk barefoot with your ‘soul’ to this earth, you are more likely to stumble and fall.
Secure 'the Light of the Word' to the feet of your faith and walk the path in your life that God has ordained just for you.

Prayerfully, place your best foot forward. When you walk with Christ, you will never walk alone in defeat!” Ask yourself...Yubw8n?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

can you hEAR Me now?

Let me tell you about a dream I had. In this dream I awakened to discover a question mark tatoo on my ear.
As I looked in the mirror, behind my reflection I saw words that had embedded within them or had the sound of the word ‘ear’. These included Ear-a-tating, Ear-rational, Ear-agate, Ind-ear-ment, Ear-regular, Ear-aresponsible, Ear-atable, Ear-raplacable, Ear-regardless, Ear-reversible, Ear-respective, Ear-reverant, F-ear-ful
Then I realized that the tattoo was attracting attention to my Ear.

When others would engage in conversation they would be looking over my shoulder. They were seeing my question-mark and the words that had caused doubt in my life. So no matter what I 'said' or how conviencing I tried to be... the doubt was staring them in the face. Doubt stood behind every word I had spoken.

At this point I heard a voice…you guessed it, whispering in my ear.

“Can you hear Me? I long to answer your questions in life. This dream is to remind you that I, alone, have the answers you seek. Look, listen and you will learn to discover My guidance in My Word.
And as you take heed of the words I continue to give you, you will see that they are designed to lift you up. The world uses words to discourage and confuse you. Please don’t follow your own understanding. I will enlighten you with the wisdom you are seeking.
When you seek Me, you - will - find - Me. As you hold My Words and hide them in your heart, you will discover that the ‘ear’ that is clearest in hearing me is the one that is in the Center of you H-ear-t."

Can you hEAR Me, My Child...Let's talk. Yubw8n? I've missed sharing time with you!"
Love, GOD.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Successfully Failing?

“"Successfully Failing?"
"Successful" is a title worn proudly by few. Many wear it without earning it. And some wear out trying to achieve it. Failure is not a way of life but a fact of life. No one becomes a failure by their actions or attitudes but comes through a time of failing by renewing their mind and perceptions.
Attaching a title of "Failure" to another person is branding someone without a basis for our judgmental ignorance.
To be a successful failure is to understand that your options abound to improve in any and all things. To be branded a "Success" is to many a self embraced title worn undeservingly. For it is the successful person in the stage of becoming more than they are that is often unaware of the progress they have made as they arrive at their level of success.”

Take the step towards 'becoming more'...Yubw8n?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"I Love You Even When...."

Having just overheard a mother speak in a demeaning manner while she reprimanded her adult child in a public setting, I believe this story needs to be shared. Fortunately, the daughter proved wise and respectful in this scenario. She looked at her mother, said “Mom, I love you even when…”
What a shame that this kind of scene is more common than not. Although, in most situations, the calmness of the daughter’s reply is not as prevalent. Most of the responses are wrapped in anger and defensiveness at having been publicly reprimanded as the duties of parenthood were over scripted so they could be ‘heard’ in an authoritative role.

I remember a presentation regarding these familiar Bible verses: “Children, Obey your parents… (Ephesians 6:1) Parents/Fathers, don’t exasperate your children... (Colossians 3:21)”
When you are a ‘child’ you obey or you will be disciplined. And as a parent you teach right and wrong by example and with mutual respect to your child. As maturity in years evolves, the adult is no longer 'the child' and possibly a parent as well. Then it becomes obedience in the form of respect…from both.
Parents...never step on the emotions of your children to exercise your parental platform. And as an adult child,always show respect for the authority God has placed in your life. Each will give an account for their actions & responses to these actions. Love gently as you encourage and edify. Never embarrass another in order to be right.
For should you make it a practice to loudly exercise your parental authority in public, don’t be surprised if your adult child walks away from the situation and sadly even the relationship.
With all due respect, whether you are the parent or the adult child, would you stand there and have someone who says they love you speak to you in that manner? Maybe you are uncomfortable with the story I just shared. Maybe it hits too close to home. Maybe that parent is you. Or maybe you are that child who is also the adult ~ wondering why.

People~Life is so precious.Resolve your conflict of hearts.

Be loving. Ask yourself~Yubw8n?