Thursday, May 31, 2012

On the Menu

Elections are cooking with the mix of ads & calls. But you know- they really have not begun to turn up the flame under the skillets of scandals & sautéed opinions. That's when the 'stink' fills the mind of the voter & we find our appetite appalled at the burnt 'BS' & splatter of sensationalism.
Maybe it’s because each electoral seasoned recipe becomes more 'tasteless' in the process. Remember, processed food contains ingredients that may harm the consumer. When you decide what you want… what this Nation needs… be certain that the appetite of the recipient is hungry for what is best for 'the people' not just for themselves & their personal accomplishments in life.
Select your choices prayfully, America. ~ Read the ingredients in small print before selecting ~ ...Food for thought...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Attention Passengers of Life !

As we make our approach to the location of your divine destiny, we ask that you place your Faith in its upright position. The Pilot has turned on the sign for you to “Fasten your belt of Belief.” Our anticipated arrival to your Gate of Grace is Ephesians 3:20. The Angels of Heavenly Landings want to remind you: Your life travel plans were designed for you especially by God, the Creator of the Heavenly Salvation PrAIR Lines, as He continues to share His very best with you.
Enjoy your visit to 'Today's Opportunities' that ever popular travel location here in the City of Now. We trust that during your brief visit to this life, you will continue to ‘Soar in Spirit & Be a Blessing' in all you say & do.
As a reminder, please leave all excess emotional baggage of your past or any shadow of self-doubt & we will gladly discard it for you. Should you be unaware of how to secure your spiritual direction after your visit to Now, we would encourage you to refer to one of our most recognized travel guide's of HIS-tory, John. He has provided an easy to understand review of the resurrection of Christ on the worded map - Chapter 3: 16.
This information is found by accessing the GPS in your Bible (God's Powerful Spirit). Enjoy your day...your life & as only He can...God Bless You. Stay tuned for further life changing & exciting moments. This has been a ‘God's Only Son Paid All’ public announcement.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lighten Up- Unlock Yourself

Locked out of your emotions? Feeling crowded in your room of rationalizations? Pumped up & proud of yourself for holding the only key that will unlock the communication barrier between you & others? Well, now…aren’t you special.
Sorry. This is the moment that you are annoyed at this blog post or intrigued to know more. Intrigue is usually prompted by a sense of entertainment, curiosity, & the common wanna know’ism that comes from having ones interest peaked. Annoyance is that little pang that lunged at you because of a twinge of association to the implication - this is about you - personally.
We have all known people who politely posture themselves upon their self made pedestal, nonchalantly peering down upon others. They are living their lives busily carrying expectations that others should be coddling to every whimsical want of their self imposed 'specialness'. Instead, these very people elect to shut down, close out, push back, look away & have a dishearten belief that if you ignore something, it will disappear. Such foolishness is the folly of a failed attempt merely to ‘one up’ others & the inability to create & maintain relationships that have depth.
Tonight, as you lay your head upon the pillow, you may discover your mind wanders through the moments of the day as if walking upon an overgrown field of weeds. As you seek the flowered moments you appreciated throughout the day,are you pulling weeds of worry;are you being pricked by discouragement's disillusion & dismay? The thorns which are in your spirit are anger, hurt, & fallacy. These have been buried in the corner of your conscience. It hurts, yet you have the strength to change.
There may be a light on in ones heart yet this does not mean they are at home there. The keeper of the key is the one who must answer the door by unlocking the fear that has held them captive in life. If this is you ~ ask yourself ~ Yubw8n to open your heart.....

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

“Never Let Others Walk on you.”

Did you ever feel like someone's 'doormat'? Are folks comfortable wiping their feet of frustrations upon you? Do people in your life ignore their responsiblity for the issues that have become attached to the Soul of their being 'defeated'? Actually this can be a weird kind of compliment. These folks feel a sense of confidence in YOU. They want YOU to take on the dirt of their responsibilities so they can, once again, leave them without a second thought. This is a sad situation. And the dirt of these decisions is piling up in front of the door of opportunity. Let's find a path to the divine 'room for change'
This 'door mat disease' is an outward expression of one's inner personality power struggle. This ‘acting out’ is acceptable amongst those who are of like mind. Yet, when displayed before those who recognize the distorted reality of reasoning, it will appear harsh, hurried, & hateful in nature. Don't just lie there!!! Stand Up! Pray & Stand Strong!
Pray for acceptance; that you may have compassion & see the shell of their wounded heart as one that is crying in need of understanding. Some hardened hearts will not be open to change, yet will cling tightly to their need to be right in fear of having to admit their weaknesses. This is their last arrow in their hunt for survival of self esteem & control. God knows you are in the midst of this uncomfortable character-crossfire. AND He has provided you with what you need... You have the Shield of Faith & the Sword of His Word.
He has armed you with tender Words of encouragement.(James 1:12: Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds./ Luke 6:28: Bless those who curse you, and pray for those who mistreat you./Ephesians 6:13 Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand)
The next time someone attempts to wipe their feet of despair or disgust upon your back, whether with words or actions, stand straighter & more firmly in your faith. Speak gently & with confidence...'Know' that it is alright to say 'No'. Yubw8n? Clearly it is difficult to hold someone down when they are standing strong.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

GOod Night

~REST~ Everyone at one point or another has found themselves staring at the ceiling & dealing with counting sheep, blessings, & the tic-toc of the minutes while we lay awake. Seems our brain turns on when we lay our head down upon the pillow anticipating REST. Then we rationalize the 'why' of not being able to SLEEP. Sound familiar? Do you seek Rest or Sleep & do you know the difference?
The elements & events that occurred the day before contribute to your SLEEP. Did you have conflict? Did you do something out of the ordinary? Did you eat or drink something that stimulates the body & mind…before going to bed? Did you 'turn off'the technology stimulation, i.e. computer, phone, or audio?
Stop & look at what the pattern is. Just like you get dressed to go about your day, you need to undress your mind, spirit, & body to settle in for the REST your body craves. Plan for 9 hours in bed & have the first hour of that to be meditation, & light reading. As you allow your body, mind, & spirit to unwind, relax, & settle in, you will fall into slumber…into a night of REST. Set your boundaries. Stop entertaining conversations after a certain time. Let others know there will be no phone calls, texts, or emails. You are closing up the temple & turning off the light. Then do it...for you!
This is a routine, so stick to it. Just like you may stumble to the coffee pot in the morning with little to no variation in routine. You also leave for work at approximately the same time in order to arrive promptly. Life is that way while you are awake & while you prepare to rest. Remember-You have only one body, one mind, one spirit. It was entrusted to you to take care of, enhance, & share. As you close your eyes at night, reflect upon the day, give thanks for everything- even the not so good moments. Praise the Creator God for giving you another opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those He has entrusted you to meet & placed in your care.
The Lord knows all about you. He knows exactly what you need to be at your best. He has laid out the plan for your life long before you were born. Now as you lay upon your bed at night REST assured that He is watching over you. God never slumbers or sleeps. Yet He is the expert on how to rejuvenate the mind, body, & soul. He spent time in the desert to REST. He went away by Himself to REST.
Find the peacefulness that is more than your pillow. Look for that space between realms to reflect upon. Rest peacefully, Live & Be - Well...