Thursday, July 12, 2012

"The Journey of a Life's Time"

They say all roads lead somewhere. Really?
Have you ever been stuck in traffic, not known why, then think to yourself...I wonder if there is another road that I could take to my destination to avoid the wait? The road you are on is fine; it’s the patience of waiting that is the problem. Everyone else is feeling the same frustrations as you. Remember, this was the road they selected also. You just happen to be there all at once. Thus, the result is the jam.
Another scenario: You are not certain of your route, you have a map, but select the no consulting the route option. You are traveling towards the area you ‘think’ is where you are heading only to find yourself lost; or worse yet, back where you started. This refusal to reckon with a ‘plan for your journey’ has only frustrated you more & cost you valuable time, energy, & inner peace.
On this route, there is no one to blame. On the roads of life’s journey, everyone is a traveler towards an eternal destination. Yet all roads will lead to only One...the Only One. In the process of travel, the frantic highways of faith can be frustrating, the lonely back roads of doubt, scary & unfamiliar. Yet there is always the horizon to anticipate & what is on the other side of the next hill you are approaching. Which road do you find yourself on? Which one is better; which one is the right one? Is one better than the other? The answer to that is Yes & No. WHAT? Let me explain. As we travel through life, we may be lost, but it is usually temporary. We muddle through & eventually find a way to get where we want to be or out of where we have found ourselves. Once we arrive at the destination, we have the bags of frustration, irritation, & anxiety to unpack. In the spiritual journey, many travelers will be left behind. What route you select for your soul’s eternal residence is up to you.
How you prepare your soul determines how the journey ends. Once you arrive, you will have plenty of time to enjoy eternal peace in Heaven. Or you may have selected the road that leads to the anguish from the never ending torment of Hell. You choose. What does the Journey really involve? And will the road you are on lead you to God? Well, let's see, shall we.
All roads lead to God. All religions lead to God. Even those who claim there is no God & blaspheme His name...yes, the road they travel will also lead them to God. For everyone will stand before God & give an account of their lives & their relationship or lack thereof... with Christ. There is only one God & one way to Heaven. Your religion will not save you.
Eternal Life is found in a relationship & acceptance of Salvation through Jesus Christ, the Son of God. What road of divine decision are you traveling? Have you prepared your Soul for the journey? Once you arrive, you are home.
Now is only for a moment. Eternity is for always. Do you know, beyond a shadow of doubt that you will arrive at Heaven's gate... If not, Yubw8n? After all, its only eternity you are headed towards..."

Saturday, July 7, 2012

"1...2...4 Give"

‘Please forgive me; I’ve forgiven you; let’s talk it through so we can just let it go!' No doubt, you will have this conversation at one time or another in your life. What will be your response? Or will you react? There’s a big difference.
Some elect to draw solace from their intentional silence as they continue to grasp the illusion that they are 'right'. They embrace stubbornness as they console a bruised ego. Do you not see- You are only hurting yourself. The other person, once in your life, is gone...
Forgiveness is a gift. It is wrapped within the heart that gains inner peace in the ‘giving' away of self need. Sadly, the one who cannot forgive has chosen their masqueraded anguish & clings to the fear of admitting they were guilty too. Repercussions of such a denial will quietly erode fragments of their soul ~ a little at a time.
Unclean wounds may heal but will continue to harbor the infection. These scars will reflect the painful memory of refusing to just let it go. And again the 'one' left al'one with regret has to confront the magnitude of their refusals to forgive themselves ! One day you will become aware of the inner child screaming for comfort from the voice of yourself criticisms. Open the gates of understanding your self.
For when you finally notice that both words 'al-one & g-one' reflect the simplicity of 'one' - you will learn what makes ‘for-give-ness’ a valuable gift of the heart. ONE must 'give' it away & then accept it in return.“ Need to forgive or ask for forgiveness? Yubw8n? Life is far too short...

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How Loud Is Your Silence?

To best hear God speaking, be quiet.
He has so much to share with you & when you spend quiet time with Him, you will understand You are nothing without Him. Yet you are everything To Him.
"Delight yourself in ME-then I will give you the desires of your heart." (By the way- It is all about Me- Love, God)Live from the Inside Out! I can hear Him saying to His children, 'Oh when will you see that quiet time also means no electronics in your ears. I would that we walk someplace & you would enjoy the creation of conversation with Me. Enjoy the moment I have given you to just sit still without thinking of what you are to be doing next. Just Be with Me. I miss our time together. When you are still, you may just hear your own thoughts. Or better yet--Mine regarding You.' How Loud Is Your Silence? Think about that for a moment....
Sometimes we do everything possible to drown-out even our own inner voice. How sad! Shhhh- did you hear that? Imagine God saying to you...When you are quiet, you will hear Me. Turn off the Noise & be free to really Live from the inside out!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Rock of Choices...

"Do you place your Soul’s faith & freedom in the false security of this world's Plymouth Rock or the eternal reassurance found in leaning your 'all' upon the Rock of Ages?
There are many who will never understand that the very Church they refuse to enter or acknowledge is within them. For to the lost this is a place that is denied in their life.
It is a blessing when a person’s willingness leads them to open their heart's door to Salvation- for then they will enter the room for eternal change. As you stand upon the Rock of Ages-Fear absolutely nothing…and God only.”