Thursday, June 23, 2011

Realizing "It" Matters

It's the little things in life that matter. The snuggle of a kitten on a cool evening. The look of appreciation from a puppy as you hold him on the way home from the vet. And the happiness you feel when you share moments with those 'humans' in life that matter to you.

We get busy. Sometimes too busy. And in that hurry-up & wait mentality, we miss it. What is "IT"?

It may be the deep breath we take first thing in the morning followed by a long stretch of our body and the instant opening of our eyes to a new day. Or that one of a kind snow flake that floats -seemingly without destination- to the ground on that first late autumn flurry.

Why do we let these little things of joy pass us by? I remember as a child growing up in WV the times shared playing tag football on Sunday afternoon with my friends. Running to the back door, screen slapping shut behind us, and grabbing a cold glass of lemonade that Mom had prepared for us to cool down before supper. (Yeah, we called it supper) And later, after saying good bye to the friends, wash up, help with chores, and then family time. These are moments that I hold dear and recall at moments even I least expect.

Now as an adult, I watch the 'kids of today' going in different directions (not all of them good ones either) as they try to 'make a statement' about their generation. What memories are they creating for their lives? Is it me or is their concern for their ultimate destination lessening with each year as they barely get by? What morales are they really being taught to build upon? Sad yet true.

I hope that after you are done reading this, you will stop and close your eyes for just a brief second. Go back through the pages of your life and find a chapter that brings a smile to your lips, a tear to your eye, or a giggle to your belly. Do this whenever stress is stepping on your attitude, kicking you in the 'butt, that is just the way it is' excuses, and you are feeling less than. You matter.

Now, hold it. Hold it. Just one more minute. Ah, there you go. You have now successfully replaced a moment in what you had titled a 'bad day' with a memory that matters to you... now you are starting fresh from this moment on.

These little things that matter- matter. Be sure to share a memory with your loved one, your children, your pet. Make time to visit a Senior Adult and listen to their chapters of life. Enlightening moments of a time gone by.

Remember~Give love and watch that love return to you.
Smile More.
Laugh More.
Love More.
Be More.

You know what's coming next right.....
Have a Blessed day...One Moment At A Time.
Yubw8n? (Why You Be Waitin?)

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Shining the Light Through the Cracks

Denial of Cracked Foundations

“To build relationships w/those who have cracks in the foundation of their personality is useless.Their denial causes decay"
"Secrets usually scream in despair when confined to forced efforts of silence!" ©2011sedawson

This may help shed some additional light on what was the background meaning of these quotes.

It appears that more & more these days, there are those who need to have affirmations that their cracks are not a big deal & in some cases believe these are someone else's responsibility to fill. Once you help them see that there are benefits from growth & honesty, & maybe the crack is filled- How many times do you stand there & watch them chip out the mortar that was just completed to seek out another opportunity for having you or another person help them yet AGAIN? This is abusing a friendship etc. While one is busy assisting to build the self esteem of someone who ~for lack of a better statement…'think it ok to depend upon others to fix them'…you are enabling them to pass the buck on their responsibility for growth. Both people are now also missing some of the blessings that are discovered in spending less time taking on another's personal growth, when in doing all that building is in reality tearing each person down…one good intention at a time.

Anyhow, there comes a time in those relationships/friendships that you just got to know when to say…good-bye. And build on what you learn from having been there…knowing when it best to walk away. No one has the right to tell you when that is…or why…It is something that is found in prayerfully understanding the verse: 'for everything there is a season' We are not losing 'a relationship/friendship' as much as we are gaining insight to spiritual & overall wellbeing. Just a thought- we can learn from our experiences or we can be destined to repeat those miscalculations in knowing what is healthy or not.

As many of us already know this is more about knowing when to say 'No' because we now 'KNOW' that these are not relationships that are edifying to anyone. While we spend / waste time with those who are determined to tear other people down (…even so slightly)…we will miss the opportunity to share time with others we can build up. I have known people in my life who, I believe that by observing their actions (which are louder than their words) ~they truly must see relationships/friendships as a commodity for their benefit (Example: they don’t communicate unless they have a need from someone that merits that action-the 'It's all about me' illness) Yet, I have also observed that they usually have something going on in their life that for some reason they think no one knows about or would suspect if communication is eliminated. Those who are experts at this skill may never see that foolishness in thinking in this manner only confirms the suspicions & eventually connects confirmations.

It is very freeing to ‘let go’ of the rope that holds you up, which is also hindering your feet to touch the ground of reality; therefore stopping you from moving forward. Those who are reading this sentence right now probably know of people they are unwittingly permitting to hold that rope of relationship responsibility around their neck. While we have a tendency to find a level of compromise in comfort regarding our own dissatisfaction with where we are- spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally…freedom from frustration is mostly found in knowing what we need, when we need it, and being willing to seek the answers to those questions while we are on our 'knees'.

*True, God sometimes uses cracked pots, but we don't have to always
CARRY THESE CRACKED POTS around in support of their issues…When we lift one another up in love, we have truly 'turned a corner' in our personal growth.
Shine the Light ....
If you are not making a difference in the life & heart of another for the good...
ask yourself...YUBW8N?

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