Friday, March 15, 2013

An Almighty 'Ahhhh' Moment

"Sometimes I think the Lord creates specific little animals with precious expressions on their faces just so we can have a unique idea of Him. When you look in the eyes of this little Fennec Fox, your ♥ sighs a warmth of 'ahhh'
I imagine God's tenderness, His beauty, His gentle ways of loving us by being The One that knows how to touch our heart in just that everyday life. I believe God places a lot of His beautiful character in all living things & nature.

As a pet owner, I know this feeling every time I am greeted by Gizmo when I walk in the front door. How does this relate to God? I know God gets excited when we come to Him, embrace His unconditional love for us, & share our day with him. Think about it...if you have a dog or cat, experience this affection when in their presence; I bet you talk with your pet.

Yeah, now you get the picture. God knows our hearts ♥ He knows what touches our emotions. And when we let Him strum the strings of our ♥ s I would not be surprised if He smiles & may even say out loud "Yeah, I knew you would like this. It's Me saying I love you, my child. All are precious in My sight."

 In my quiet time moments, often the Lord will reveal Himself in the most interesting of ways...Even a picture like this one can be used in the hand of the Almighty to speak to one's heart ♥; tell me, isn't this just the cutest little fellow;

imagine the joy that God must have felt when He first saw this little face. Truly, creating such sweetness is an Almighty ♥ ‘Ahhhhhhhhh’ moment.♥ “