Thursday, June 12, 2014

Knowing When To....

If you are like most folks you have an extremely low tolerance for controllers, abusers, & people who are experts at manipulating. To many these traits are an art form one has perfected over the years. Those with years of experience are rarely, if ever, aware of how good they are at the 'blame game'. They are lost in the thrill of engaging another into playing, setting them up for the kill, & all the while casting the net of guilt over the playing field.

So, what do we do in this situation? You have been there, I'm sure...we all have. Basic rule of thumb... Don't do it. Don't open your mouth & give words for the volley to continue. Let it go. Move on. The word 'OK' is usually the only word that will stop the madness.

Often we know when it is happening & still find ourselves on the defensive. When retreating from the pre-planned battlefield use caution. You may have just rolled the wrong dice in the most recent game of got cha'. O God - help us to know when to ....stay.... when to walk away & most importantly.... when to keep our mouths shut.