Sunday, October 16, 2011

Seasons Change

Spring pulled back the covers on the bed of flowers & touched them with fresh morning dew..
Butterflies stretched their wings for the first time to flutter to a nearby flower. Cotton-like clouds barely moved across the crystal blue sky with destinations unknown. Birds practiced their solos from the branches of the trees that waved their leaves in applause. Life, wakes up once more from it’s slumbering solitude of seasons.

Summer opened the picnic basket of warmth and hospitality for all to dine.
Family gatherings took to the highways of vacations by the ocean’s cresting waves or mountain lakes of grandeur and awe. Children run free of classroom rules, while parents bask in the sun of no work worries.The day sets upon the edge of the horizon. Patiently she awaits the dawn to break the seal of night’s darkness.

Autumn picks up her palette to paint the leaves random hues of crimson and gold.Natures canvas of green lay waiting for change to challenge time.
Having provided shade for the season, the leaves dance to the ground as the cooler winds whisper goodbye to the summer breezes.
Briskness sneaks in the window of the day and stays throughout the night leaving behind the frosty evidence of its stay upon everything in its path. The clock misplaces an hour of time; nature and life prepares to sleep.

walks in without wanting as individual flakes float lazily to the ground. Each flake has its place to fall upon the earth.
The air is clear, crisp, and craving the show of moisture from the shoveling steam of effort. Fireplaces give the sky a wisp of smoke that travels along the rooftops. Earth has its time of respite, repair, and rejuvenation for soon the beautiful blanket of snow will feel the tender hands of Spring pull back the covers once more...

Are you enjoying the Seasons of your Life? If not...Yubw8n?

Saturday, October 8, 2011

"Order Up!"

"May I See A Menu, Please"

Sometimes we go out to eat & then stare at the familiar menu of selections as if it is the very first time we have seen it. Then, we will ask the waiter about the ‘special of the day’& if THEY like it or not. Why do we base our selection choice often on the scale of someone else's likes & dislikes when it is our meal? Everyone’s pallet is different.It would appear that conversation accompanies cuisine in similar ways. Yet, rather than be cautious & concerned about our tone of conversation, & weight of our words, we ramble off statements with little or no consideration as to how they will look on another person’s feelings. We take liberties with the pre-determined portions of praise & curried conflict heaped upon someone else’s plate when we should be more considerate. We would be wise to taste our words before dishing them out.

When you speak, do you weigh your words opposite your thoughts before opening your mouth? Do you regurgitate your opinions & spit & splatter them upon others? Do you shove them down another person’s throat? Is it easy for all to see that you’re full of yourself & not only do you need a healthier dialog diet 'butt' you could stand a little help when it comes to how to scale down your fattened ego of expressions? Don’t worry; you are not alone in this self indulgent society of overweight sentiment.There are many who need to tighten the belt on their panting of complaints & find more compassion in their conversational cuisine. We would not be so miserable to ourselves & to others if we would just walk away from debates, disputes,& side dishes of drama. Indigestion from certain relationships could be avoided if we kept our opinions, comments & harmful whimsical rambling of words to ourselves. It’s good to know when we have had enough of even a good thing…let alone, something or someone who is unhealthy.
Today we have fast food & fast talkers that devour one another with a second helping but rarely a second thought.
Even our sentences contain words related to eating & food.

Phrases like:

You are going to have to EAT your words.
What’s the SKINNY on that?
Oh, we are just CHEWING the FAT.
You haven’t got the STOMACH for that.
I have a lot on my PLATE to do.
They have a healthy APPETITE for living.
You can DISH it out but you can’t take it.
I’ll take another SLICE of the PIE.
That’s CRUMBY.
Have your CAKE & EAT IT too.
Life’s so short, take SECONDS first.
That’s GRAVY.
He had to be SPOON fed all the way.
Your words really cut like a KNIFE.
You speak with a FORKED tongue.
He’s really MILKING the opportunity or is he just EGGING you on.
We had a celebrity ROAST for him even though he’s just small POTATOS in the industry.
It was really WATERED down.
Have you ever been BUTTERED up?
Seriously, what’s the SCOOP on that?
They are the top BANANA.
You are the APPLE of God’s eye. (That one, I like...;)

We talk about FOOD or food related slang even when we are making reference to something that has nothing to do with food. It is self consuming. We wrap our thoughts in niceness or humor, with a lot at ‘Steak’ & even though we meant ‘well’... ‘Rarely’ is this skill-et ‘well done.’

Never leave a conversation or any area of concern that may be ready to boil over, unattended. This could cause a fire that burns a relationship so badly that even the most sincere of apologies cannot extinguish it before its total demise. Season your words to taste. No more, no less. Mean what you say-say what you mean. Get out of the kitchen of comments if what is being prepared does not suit you. Why partake of something or associate with someone who is not to your liking. Be as selective in your relationships as you are in your dining. People of quality are sustenance for the soul & are to be appreciated for their own ingredients to the relationship. Our words reflect our hearts so always strive to be a Gourmet of Edification.

Menu Options:

Too Many Second Helpings:
It is easy to see & clear to hear that many people are extremely obese in physical demeanor & in how they wear their feelings upon their sleeve. Over indulgence is not at all attractive. Words can quickly become a premeditated sentence of situational suicide. Since we are what we eat, say,& profess.What happens if we open our mouth & nothing but air (or error) comes out? Then what? Yet, many are exercising their freedom of speech while not following the proper form in how they weigh words before speaking. Every day we see people in constant communication without even thinking about it. It is like breathing. Phones & fingers move quickly sometimes before the words even form in their minds or the light turns green as horns blare from irritated bystanders. This inconsideration towards others is the feverish food fight of fast forward thinking. Even though driven for better, they are mindlessly tossing the trash out the window of opportunity expecting someone else to pick up after them. This is rudeness with reasons no one will respect. We do this with our words. We say things, hurtfully & expect someone else to come along & make it all right. Wrong! Whether it be spoken from a podium, pulpit, or pillow, WHAT you say is not as important as HOW it is said, heard, & perceived. You know you have said…”yeah, but what I meant was…” This is the specialty of the house…a side-dish of dropped intention soup. A mess you will undoubtedly be cleaning up repeatedly, unless you hear your thoughts through before you pass the taste- test of talking.

The Assumption Appetizer:
This is featuring a popular dish named after many who partake: ‘Me-ism’. This selection takes only a little time to boil over,as it will spew its heated substance on the most sensitive of tough skinned hearted people, & then often leaves a scar of a memory many would like to forget. These people speak in dashes of demands. But rather than keep their words in small easy to swallow bite size morsels, they take each irresponsible action & irrational decision to irritate as many people as they can in one sitting. This is grammar gluttony.Let's dismiss them from the table, shall we.

Too Hot To Handle:

In a heated & haughty (hot) debate, discerning disagreements, or a deliberation of dialog, keep your words short, sweet, & smooth. These very words that dissolve from your thoughts to your voice must be easily digested. For this to happen, they must be measured precisely, pronounced properly, stirred with care as to not stick or scorch,& when tasted by the listener, they need be considered - a delicacy of edible expressions.

The Lighter Fare:

Look at poetry. As a poet paints their emotions in prose,& flavorful limericks, they season them with the right amount of sugar & spice & everything nice. These morsels will be tasted by the most sensitive of poetic palates. This recipe for rhyme is an art form. Therefore, be an artist. Mix & blend the colors of your thoughts in such a manner that when another hears your words, they appreciate your good taste. They will be blessed having shared an enlightening experience that will surely linger long upon the palate of their mind.You will be making an impression that will feed their soul.

Order Up...Wait on Words!!
Be a server & a servant of The Words that nourish & matter most…the Bread of Life.
Go ahead...have a seat. We will be with you in just a moment. While you are waiting-Take a look at GOD's Menu for Living.

"This writing was inspired by that of a reading I did years ago. What I learned stayed with me over time. Our words can set us free or we can be surely HUNG BY THE TONGUE. I trust the thoughts I have expressed in this blog will bless your heart & be food for thought. Always speak with words that you yourself would be able to swallow. And remember...once they leave your mouth, there are no leftovers or true do-overs."

Success is yours. Victory and defeat are born in the mind, "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he." (Proverbs 23:7) Humans speak what they believe and think, often causing defeat. "Death and life are in the power of the tongue." (Proverbs 18:21) Jesus said, "My words are spirit and life." (John 6:63) Fear will prevent you from speaking victory. This little book has helped many to rise from their defeated condition to a victorious life.

What you often what you get. Place this 'read' on your menu.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Raining with Reason

Sprinkles of rain can become a downpour. A cloud burst may be seen as a heart overflowing with emotions. Put on your glasses & galoshes & step into a time where getting wet with wisdom is as easy as stepping outside your comfort zone. Let love rain or is that reign?

Have you ever stopped what you were doing to just walk in the rain? You could be in your best attire as you throw designer drama of dry cleaning debt to the wind,& stomp in the biggest deepest mud puddle of them all. As your hair clings to your brow,& droplets race to the cliff of your nose before plummeting to the ground, you turn your face to the direction of the sky. This is where thoughts of the experience take a turn…Question is- Do you see this as a lovely day?
We see blessings in life either as a soft gentle rain on a crisp autumn day or a thunderstorm of trials that test the umbrella of our patience. It's true, there are several people who have had that umbrella turn wrong side out with misfortune~ a sudden burst of hopes & dreams in the midst of trials. These folks scamper to the nearest awning to seek shelter.

What awning do you stand under in a storm after your umbrella of understanding has become tattered? Do you find yourself in the company of others seeking the same refuge? Do you share your thoughts on the circumstances that are pouring down on your life?

You are thinking to yourself…’are you crazy, why would I share that with a total stranger?’ Well, many people do this every day. In the middle of the storm, they share their thoughts with a God that they never really acknowledge in the fair weather times of their life, but cry out & sometimes curse Him when trouble befalls them. Just like a storm that suddenly appears, they complain about it before they really notice the benefits. God was there when the sun was shining but often He never heard from those it was warming beneath its light. Why is it people talk to God, the Stranger they have no time for, only when their back is against the wet wall of what-if & the pleading moments of desperation for help. Then when the storm has passed, they return to the non-communicative relationship of self sufficiency. This is the time to come in out of the storm of self.

The Creator holds each rain droplet as special & unique. How He sees each of us is how we should see the elements of a storm. Let's focus on just the 'rain'...
Every droplet of rain has a destination~

It may be destined to land on a flower, a car, a birdbath, a child’s face, a homeless person in need of a touch, or a seed buried deep within the ground anticipating that first ray of sunshine. Whatever the destination you were created for, go with the flow of each droplet of opportunity. See this as a way to provide a need to another person. Yes, you may be the very refreshment they seek in the drought of despair, the answer to a prayer, the sustenance to quench a thirst for truth, or just a moment to be acknowledged & supported so that they can believe in themselves by your belief in them. A single hello, have a nice day, take care, how are you, God bless…Simple things can make all the difference in a broken heart that screams for love in silence~

Appreciate the moments for what they are. Never take a single droplet of destiny for granted. These are someone’s Showers of Blessings as your Life is a beautiful rainbow declaring that God Reigns.
Walk in the Rain with Reason. As you do, you will discover it's purpose in your life. Be grateful for each storm...Yubw8n...the Son is always shining on you!