Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cut The Apron String- Yubw8n?

Disrespectful Drama

I am not a parent...but I can spot things that apparently
go un-addressed by those who wish NOT to see. Let me explain one example...bear with me~

I have come to the conclusion that I have little tolerance for children who are blatantly inconsiderate & disrespectful to others. This is really apparent when these ‘children’ are adults who take advantage of their parents, peers, provisions, & privileges. When these children continue to suck long & hard on that silver spoon that apparently has been left in their mouth for way too long, this parental error in judgment is only going to enhance any flaw in their child's character, personal pursuits & overall ambition.
When is the apron sting to be cut & by which party…the child or the parent? Someone please ~ give these type of people the ‘grow up & be independent’ scissors.
Stop explaining your actions or lack of, & let go!
Most parents in this situation probably are not anticipating grandchildren. Afterall, who would want to raise both the husband/father & the children? Think about it. The boy can’t even take care of himself at this stage of the game. He still lives at home! The independent gene is not working yet. Why should it...everything is given to him & what's worse ~ it is silently expected to be. So who is to blame here? For whatever the unexplained reason, the drama continues to go undisciplined, unacknowledged, unresolved, & inexcusable. Take a moment, step back ~ look closely at this real life version of the movie: "Failure to Launch" an adult male who overstayed his life at home with his mommy & daddy. Really? Yeah, this happens in real life too.
Folks...this drama is played out every day in our society. Parental abandonment issues grip tightly to the 'Do it for me' offspring & the circle is complete. But who is responsible for letting go~ the adult parents or the adult child? You would think that it would be a mutual want for both. Not always the case. Parents ~How can you enjoy having your child home for the holidays if he's never left? When should parents stop 'giving in'just so he won't leave? It is a fact of everyone's life ~ Growing pains are beneficial. But you have to be willing to let go to become close as adults. Take the role you are given. Be the parent. Be the adult child. Step in to the next stage of your life. You will enjoy it.

My last comment would be pretty blunt: Hello ~ little mama's boy ~ grow a pair! Take that spoon out of your mouth & move on with your adult self! Ask yourself what everyone wants to ask you...Yubw8n?

**Please note ~ any injury or improvement to your parent-child relationship due to the nature of this blog is purely unintentional. (LOL)