Friday, November 18, 2011

"Did You See That?"

"Did you see that? The look on the face of a child when something wonderful happens is priceless. The awe & wonder of "Wow!" glistens in their eyes as they longingly wish to share this event with you.

As you face your day how many moments do you capture that prompt you to say ‘Did you see that?'~ then invite another to share in your joy? Far too often we take those moments for granted. Either we harbor the joy inwardly for a brief moment with a sigh of appreciation or we let it roll by us as merely a common occurrence. But rarely as adults do we share those times of eye opening wonder with others, like we did as children. Why is that, I wonder?

Today, as you go about your routine, take the time to recognize at least one of the ‘awesome’ moments that is placed before you. Oh there will be several; God has an unending supply just for you. Here is how they may appear- It can be a small thing, a gesture, a word of encouragement, or maybe a smile & a warm hello to someone you meet in passing. For the one who is truly ‘in awe’ & blessed is the one who receives.

Maybe ~ that person you pass on the street, or in the hall at work, or the aisle in the grocery store is having a really difficult time in their life. Your gesture of kindness may be that moment in their day that their inner child whispers to them - “Did you see that?”

That, my friend, is God being Awesome in & through you."

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Rearranging Your Views ~ Gizmo Style

Rearrangements of even the most common of things can be traumatizing to some. When I rearranged my living room recently, it appeared to be livable. Well, maybe for me, but not for my Japanese Chin Gizmo. He had gone to the groomer, so I took the opportunity to do a little cleaning & rearranging.

Afterwards, when he was introduced to the new digs, it seemed that maybe with a little time, he would adjust. Wanting to be cuddled & held is his thing, so I figured maybe after a good night’s rest, he would take to the new 'in front of the window' look-out-perch I had created for him.

The next morning, he clearly had other ideas. When he wasn't doing a little pace around the coffee table, he just wanted held. And if not held, to be looking up at me from the floor-you know, with those big brown eyes that make you simply put down the coffee & pick him up. Yep- that’s the look. All of this was more than confirmation. My idea of change was not welcomed. So, we compromised.

I lifted him up & loved on him. As I watched, he glanced over at the window.Maybe he was remembering how nice it was to look out while on the back of the sofa, in between naps, that is. He did a little glance at the blanket, pillows, & steps as if to say: ’Mom,this is not home~would you put it back, please.’(insert little sigh here)
Here we go. We made a few modifications back to the way it was. His steps to the sofa were placed where he could get easy access. And what he knew as home reappeared. As I write this, there is a very contented little dog, that in between look out duty for squirrels & the occassional bird watching, is catching a few moments of Sunday afternoon shut eye on the back of 'his' sofa. This to him is one of life's many joys.

So, what did the 'human' learn from all this? (Besides that I need to remember to buy lighter furniture next time~) Everyday, God teaches me something through my little dog, Gizmo. Today's lesson: One's 'viewpoint of life' although it may be rearranged ~ with a little humility, determination & persistence~you can rise above what is between you & your happiness. This provides the opportunity to once again be a home within your heart

Gizmo…knows that a 'living room' is for just that~living comfortably. Sometimes, even if change is not comfortable, simply asking for help, or rearranging the room & circumstances may get you back to the living part. After all, there’s a whole world of nifty things & critters out there that needs watching over.
Today~Gizmo has that covered.

Thanks for the heart lesson.
I love you too.