Thursday, July 4, 2013

In Dependence Upon God


“As we celebrate our Nation's freedom with
family, friends, food & fireworks...
may us pause to acknowledge life's many blessings.

Embrace the moment.

In order to hold on to love, we must first
empty our hands of hurtfulness.

Lay down the weapons loaded with words of self righteous criticism towards others. As these expressions lay silent upon the fields of a furrowed brow, listen for the sounds of hope on the horizon. As we empty our egos of expression against the elected, realize that they are in the center of God’s will.
This plan is far bigger than yours

Spend less time sharpening your valid points – those words that hurt. It is when we have accepted a need to-be-right that we discover the hidden unspoken pleasure of carrying gurneys of animosity & arrogance away from a battle we wanted to win yet feared the fight.
Words wound. What is the purpose to inflict intentional harm upon another unless it is self gratifying to the one taking aim?
Life is far too precious. Appreciate.

...Give thanks to God...

for you have the right to elect & to pray for
the ones in present leadership.
You choose whether to take that opportunity
or simply elect to cast the ballot of blame upon another.

Remember to:

for those who stand in preparation to guide the future generations.

Let go of the past...
for it is now folded in the pages of history to be learned from & for future decisions.

Don’t just pray for a better world for our children to inherit...pray for our children that our world will inherit better citizens, honorable people with Godly character. May their character & integrity take them beyond what we have experienced.

Let the words of thanksgiving
tumble from your tongue

We are given the privilege of embracing life & all the miracles. For as 'day is done...gone the sun', night becomes a heavenly curtain upon the sky.
As you gaze upon the sparkling colors of courage, confidence, & aware. Listen to the bombs bursting in air...these are sounds of freedom. Yet in some countries these very sounds are ones that blanket fear.

May we be more grateful& less hateful!

Let the words of Praise & Peace
be in & on your heart

this very moment, this very day, this very statement were to be your last, what difference would your existence made to another?
Do you know truth?
Do you have freedom in your being?

It’s your trust in
the Divine Truth
that sets you free.”

 God Bless...