Saturday, June 23, 2012

"Prints" of Peace

“A heart is like pristine glass that absorbs the many touches of its handlers. Some prints are smudged. Other pieces of the glass are cracked & broken. Often fragile childhoods are beyond repair & shattered into little pieces. The inner child sees the jagged edges in the eyes of others. God specializes in broken lives. His touch - the ‘Prints’ of Peace.”

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Number U Have Reached Is.....

Bet you can say- 'Been there...done that'. (Click & disconnect now!) Respect the time of others. Do what you say you are going to do as you have committed. Otherwise- just don't! Example: If you have a habit of being 'late with an excuse' you are merely dressed in ‘disrespect & arrogance'. This is a fashion statement that is not attractive on anyone. Change your attitude wardrobe. If you say you will call, call. There is not much difference between the people who are deceitful, lying, or misrepresenting themselves than those who are numb to the habit of tardiness or blatant avoidance. These are habits of people who carry baggage; shoved full of shiny trash, treasures, & trauma that they believe they must admiringly spread upon the shoulders of others. Their distribution methods are creative & yet so very pathetic. Been there…done that? Yeah, we all have left someone who has ‘missed the mark’ of sin’gluar self-tunnel vision. Telemarketers are great examples of how we are self applied subjects to their demand of time; we don't have to volunteer to this mistreatment of our time, energy, efforts, & good nature. However, should a person be mistreating you & your time, disconnect. Remember, the ‘hang ups’ are a healthy way to be removed from their self- ignored & avoided hang ups. When someone is disrespecting you for being prompt & passionate about your goals in life, or positive in perspective to praise, it is time to disconnect & remove yourself from their avoidable toxicity. They will always see themselves as ‘right’ even after everyone in their life has ‘left’. Ring ring…it’s for you! Answer the call to a better life available now...Yubw8n?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

With Every Beat Of Your Heart

"Amazing! The other day there was a praise party ~ I celebrated 18,739 mornings in my life. And every day is filled with new blessings of thankfulness. (Although, I really don't remember some of the wee early year ones, they were unique too. The older I get the more I appreciate the little things - God has never duplicated anything!Each sunrise, sunset, & heartbeat is unique & one of a kind-(for me-that would be about 16,190,496 beats & counting (86,400 /day approximately) His mercies are new every morning. May the little things in your life resound the loudest, measure the deepest, & be a tender reminder - every day may you be thankful with every beat of your heart."

Sunday, June 10, 2012


"There are people who are NOT in your life for a reason. Be grateful that they are not for God knows what is best for you & apparently that relationship was not. The longer you live the less time you have to establish new relationships. Be selective in your associations. Do you really want to be with those who do not wish to be in your company? Never settle for second best. You deserve to be with quality & be quality for those who invite you into their lives. Value the people in your life who are near & dear to you. Be certain that you are a reflection of a positive influence, inspiration, & encouragement in one another’s life, decisions, passions, & reputations. And be certain that they are likewise as positive in their influences. The level of your expectation placed upon another is related in how you value your relationship with yourself & most importantly with your God. How 'real' are your Relationships? If these relationships are 'less than' in quality & you are anticipating improving this, but have not...ask yourself ~ Yubw8n?Compromise is never compatible to character & credibility."