Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What's in your dish?

What’s on your "Blessing of the Day" menu?
Every morning I feed my little dog, Gizmo. Usually he has his dry dog food mixed with some baked fresh chicken breast fragments. I give him a little taste of the chicken as I am placing them in the dish. He likes to pretend he doesn’t want it, lets me drop it between his paws as he lies on the floor watching me. He eats it as I return to the task.
Placing his dish & fresh water on his mat, I retire to the living room, coffee in hand, ready to have my morning quiet time. In my home I have a wall fireplace in the living room that looks through to the dining area also. I can see him as he lays there waiting to see if this is it or should there be more food to be offered. He doesn’t see me, but as he stares at the hallway & back at his dish eventually something registers with him that that is all. Mosey over to the dish, & enjoy. When he is done, I can hear the little slurp sounds of the wash it down water, and then he proceeds to stroll to the living room, and purposely brush against my hand to say thanks, as I reach down to touch his head as he passes by me. Japanese chins make little gurgle sounds & this one likes to lick his lips, nose, & paws as he takes his resting place upon a small homemade landing at the edge of his sofa. The morning is young. The blinds are still pulled. No one is up in the house except us.
It is quiet, peaceful, & an anticipated moment of the day. So, we share the morning routine- Gizmo with his interesting reviews of the cuisine he enjoys ending in a power nap, content with his world. And me...my coffee, my quiet moment alone with the Lord...and Gizmo, I pray that we may learn to take a lesson from our pets we are entrusted with to love & care for ... accept and enjoy what we are given - For the Lord provides our daily bread, just what we need & when- the blessings of each day. We can rest confidently on His provisions.
We are fed by the Word of God...Are you tuned in? Or waiting for more of...what? Yubw8n? Dig in! It's good for you...

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Joyful Jar of Peanut Butter Love

This has to be one of the sweetest videos of uninhibited enjoyment with life & the tastes of amazement that I have ever seen. I am a fan of these little creatures that God created for our entertainment & to watch this surely brings a smile to my heart. Watch the video within the link. http://www.wimp.com/peanutbutter/ I hope you enjoy the unspoken 'Happy' that is seen from the beginning to the end. I would like to share some thoughts with you for the New Year...I hope they inspire & encourage you...:) *As you go through your passions, do so with purpose. It is true that you may be noted for your victory, or maybe not. If someone is there to notice & give you praise, great ... if not, then be grateful for the jar & what you discovered on your own.
*Remember, no one gets anywhere alone. But sadly, many end up alone when they get there. *Be kind to those who believe(d) in you & have opened the jar of joy at one time or another in your life.
*And just like a lid that is stuck, when you close yourself off, no one really knows the joy that is inside you. Loosen the lid a little, share your heart with others.
*Always try to make a mends, forgive & accept forgiveness...life is too short to prefer being 'right' over being 'real'. Unnecessary stubbornness is only to be kidding yourself & shortening your joy & peace. :o) ...and finally....
*Attend the peanut butter jar events in your life with zeal. Be completely present for the gifts you are given but may not deserve. For there is no guarantee of another moment, or another jar of peanut butter... *Taste & see that the Lord is good! And He wants you to continue to discover & live your life to the fullest...John 10:10. Have a lovely New Year ...May your 'jar of life' always have the flavors you desire. God Bless... ©sedawson