Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Beauty of FoG

“Please remain seated until the pilot has turned off the ‘fasten your seat belt’ sign.” So you sit there and gaze out the window and notice that you are flying over mountains yet, you cannot see them clearly because of fog. You know they are there, the pilot has mentioned them and you gaze out just in time to notice their grandeur or what you had hoped to be so. But today, the fog is hindering the crispness of their edging into the blue sky and for just a brief moment, you are disappointed.

Your expectation of their magnificence is hazed by the mist that swirls about between you and the mountain. As you move further away you glance again and see that the fog is circling the very top and yet the base of that mountain is in clear view.
The highest point of Glory is reflecting the awesomeness of our Creator- the Favor of God (FOG)

The base of our faith is clear. The Favor of God will linger lovingly on the crest of the horizon. As you trust in the Son to shine upon your faith, He will create a spectacular confidence in your soul.

Anticipate the beauty in everything and appreciate everything as beautiful. Trust in that. Look beyond the immediate and embrace the Favor of God in your life.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Batter Up-Rounding the Bases of Life

"Batter Up-Rounding the Bases of Life"
by: Sharon E. Dawson

Do you swing at the first pitch?
Or do you wait for the best opportunity to come across your path?

In baseball, like life ~ many of the most valuable hits are made by waiting for the best. However, if you wait too long for too many, this can leave you watching the game from that eerie corner of the bench of regrets.

When looking for the opportunities in life to make a difference in another person, you must remember to stand close enough to the plate, yet not crowd it, and know how to best address the pitch or the opportunity.

Draw upon your senses to know when it is best to swing (make an effort), wait (determine if it is the best for you), and if need be, take the ‘walk’ (accept that what you have been thrown is just what it is and move on).

Many homeruns in life have been walked around the bases so there is no shame in that. Just shows you have a keen eye for decisions and you know how to reach your destination in any manner worthy of your time.

In careers, friendships, parenting, and personal growth, we stop and evaluate what the best opportunities are.

Balk at the best and you miss out.

Bunt and you need to hustle to just make the first level.

Swing without perception and you limit your chance to hit.

Look away from the obvious and you hear the strike against you.

Take the time to learn the game of life. You will round the bases with crowds cheering you on. Yet the biggest fan who will never leave you is the One who first showed you how and encouraged you to stand tall, hold on, and swing with sincerity.

You need to practice being ok with you ~ accepting your successes and your failures.
No matter the score, there is only one batter allowed at the plate at any time. And when your opportunity to make a difference is presented to you ~ make it matter.

Imagine the Coach saying to you every morning "Welcome to another opportunity at bat in the game of life. I'll be cheering you on, My Child. Run the race with diligence and determination, leaving your all on the Field of Faith!"

Monday, August 1, 2011

R U in or out of dOUbT?

“Are you: In or are you Out? You definitely are either one or the other. You are in faith or out. You are in doubt or out. You are in peace or out. One way to determine where you stand IN your faith is to look at your response to doubt. Where do you store those moments of confusion? There is usually not enough room for peace when doubt is present also. They are not compatible and create compromise and chaos in your spirit.

Often we say that we feel ‘out of sorts.’ Really exactly what is a ‘sort’ and how does one get IN to a sort because you can only get out of something what you put in to it.

We do say things like: “I sort a’ doubt it” when questioning our faith about something or someone. Maybe it is because you are compromising your desires by carrying confusion in your life instead of cradling peace in your heart?

Next time you find yourself entertaining doubt about your faith, your peace, or even your purpose for being, realize that where you stand (in or out) clearly will show you where and IN WHOM you have placed your faith.

Look at the word ‘dOUbT’. Notice that the “B” is silent. There is really no reason to “B in dou_t”, but then it would be spelled IN-correctly, LOL.

Have a blessed day...Go ahead...Be IN the moment...Yubw8n.