Wednesday, July 27, 2011

“Some More”

Enjoying “Some More” of life

S’mores. The unique combination of chocolate and a toasted marsh mellow hugged on both sides by a graham cracker. \

The first time I ate one of these sweet tasty treats was at summer camp. This treat added a new dimension to the time spent with friends around a campfire. We would look for the perfect stick,widdle the tip, secure the marsh mellow to the end and watch it swell when it was placed just above the top of the flame.

Then when it was just the right amount of gooey and toasted to perfection, we would take a couple squares of a Hershey bar, a reasonable size graham cracker and sandwich all the ingredients between the crackers. This was the campfire experience that still lives on.

This was and still remains ~ the s’mores experience.

But really what is a S’more?

Let’s look at this tasty treat’s Etymology and Origin:

S'more appears to be a contraction of the phrase, "some more." While the origin of the dessert is unclear, the first recorded version of the recipe can be found in the publication "Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts" of 1927. The recipe is credited to Loretta Scott Crew, who reportedly made them by the campfire for the Scouts. It is unknown whether the Girl Scouts were the first to make s'mores, but there appears to be no earlier claim to this snack. Although it is unknown when the name was shortened, recipes for "Some Mores" are in various Girl Scout publications until at least 1971.

Life Lesson:

Everyone wants to get more out of life. When you find yourself striving to become more than you are, to do more than you can – stop for a bit…maybe a bite. Take some time to create the ‘some more’ moment. That time we associate with precious rest and relaxation …a moment to just become mellow, mix with sweetened decadence, and a graham cracker blanket.

Curl up and let the memories from yesteryear, and the taste of simplicity dance in your mind.

Go ahead…
Enjoy the sweetness of the life you live.
Yubw8n...have s’more of life!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Entangled Webs Of Relationships

“Freedom is recognized as you celebrate the departure of the narcissistic people who used to be in your life. They no longer have power to manipulate the friendship. The web has been destroyed.

You see clearly who they are with their disappointing & disheartening display of a dysfunctional deceitful drama disguised in their well rehearsed ramblings of self-made success.
You realize that the relationship has always been about them.
Let them continue their ‘game of chase’ for in time they will grow weary of your lack of admiration & willingness to seek after them. They will build many webs in their lifetime, yet the prey is always the same.
For they need to have someone coddle over them with sought after empathic enabling phrases. Yes, this subtle form of manipulation gives their ego power.

When you move toward the positive~
you will surely appreciate the blessings given you. And you will discover the beauty that comes with empowering the relationships that really do matter most."


Friday, July 22, 2011

"He Can Open Her Heart"

It's a joy to be an instrument
in the life of another~
I know He can open her heart…

God gave me a gift shortly after I met Rosa at the local grocery a few weeks ago. We met in the sardine, tuna, and other quick meat aisle. I was standing next to her when I noticed her shoes. Or better yet, the broken flip flops that only provided a small space of cushioning between the soles of her feet and the floor. As I observed her homeless situation it was another one of God's divine connections.

I asked her what her favorite brand of tuna might be or did she prefer sardines. I mentioned I was not really up to speed on the best brands but was considering making a tuna salad. She looked at me and smiled with her reply. Then she stated that although she did prefer a specific brand of each, because she was without a way to successfully open the container she usually purchased a brand that came with a pull tab.

I glanced at the items she had placed in her cart. She had methodically gathered a cart full of convenient coupon attached items of which most were on sale or from the discounted display. It was obvious that her preference for having food was more important that spending money on a way to get to the better tasting, comparable in price foods.

A few minutes passed and I asked where she was from. And after hesitating for just a moment,and not wanting to embarass her, I added "around here?" She smiled knowingly and confirmed that yes she was local. I mentioned that if I would have known I would have already put the extra kitchen ware which included a can opener, in my car. For I had planned to take this to the Goodwill. She could have it. Not missing a beat, she stated that she could wait here or meet me next week if I would bring it to her. Told her I had some errands in the store and I would chat with her soon.

Now, I know what an everyday kind of missionary is. For in the very next aisle were the handy dandy devices that make our lives easy. And moments later Rosa was the proud owner of her very own can opener. It really wasn’t much of a gift but to her it seemed to mean the difference in everything – what she had for her meals and moreso, what she no longer had to settle for…one less compromise. To me it was a gift as well. For it was in giving a simple gift of comfort that I received the same in return.

She saw that I had signed the receipt with a personal blessing and then when I mentioned that the head cashier was aware it was prepaid, we exchanged a quick smile. I wished her well. Then she smiled as she thanked me by offering to take me to lunch. We both innocently laughed a little at that comment, although it was sincere. As she happily shared the answer to my original question of which brand tuna she really did prefer, the divine connection was obvious to me by our abilities to help the other. Rosa provided me with the answer to my question and I was able to assit with the answer to her quest. Everyone needs to be considered as significant and sometimes the unfamiliar is on purpose.

It is like this in my walk with the Lord. Sometimes He places me in areas I am not familiar and introduces me to people that most folks may just pass by. I get a kick out of His timing. Today Rosa and I both were blessed. I am the one who was blessed by listening to His guidance in sharing with her. He showed me a clever cute way to remember this experience- I pray that Rosa knows the Lord for He ‘can open her’ heart to His unconditional love and acceptance for her.

In thinking back on this experience, I know the Holy Spirit led me to meet Rosa and to learn from this time invested in the life of another. It reminds me of another time when He used sincere simplicity to meet the needs of others...a small child, a couple loaves of bread,and few small fish. These fish just happen to be in a pull top can ;o)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Making & Creating Allowances

As a kid, did you get an allowance and if so, how much and what for? When you worked hard and got a good grade in a class did you receive compensation for doing so? When and if you headed out to college, who paid for your education then? Did you get a student loan? Parents fit the bill? Or did you get a scholarship? Who purchased your first automobile or were you even barely past 16 yrs old before you were given one just because…? Did you expect this or were you grateful?

Now you are an adult and you have responsibilities. You may have a good job, a spouse and children of your own. Or you may be single with a different briefcase of responsibilities that fit your lifestyle. Either way--You have responsibilities and obligations. And in the real world unless you do what you are doing well, the compensation whether financially or emotionally will reflect your efforts. There are NO handouts. There’s a difference between ‘permission and allowances’. Let’s look at our responsibility when it comes to being respected and respectful in life’s understanding of these.

A different set of ‘allow’ances! You are allowed to make mistakes. You are allowed to say “I’m sorry”. And you are allowed to forgive when wrong has been focused in your direction. These allowances are far different from the ones you received growing up. No one is going to compensate you just because you are you.
Often in the early days…there was no allowance for doing what was expected of you. It was anticipated. You did your homework so that you could earn a good grade and hear “Proud of you!” from your family. You helped around the home because you wanted to be a help to another person. You discussed your future with those whom you respected and often rather than not, secured a student loan for a higher education institute that provided what you were seeking at the best fees. Your selection was not based upon the status of the school itself and the inflated monies that went with their name. Yes, you can flunk out of the prestigious school just as easy as you can anywhere.

Then- You got a job so that you could save for your future; buy your first car and many of the other necessities of life. You paid your way. No free tickets. No one handed you anything except a diploma,well done, and a big pat on the back. This motivation and inspiration helped build your foundation of character. You learned by whatever example that was set before you – either to be responsible or expect others to carry you through life.

Now- The family unit has begun to deteriorate from the expectations placed upon shoulders too insecure to carry this responsibility. The family has bent the time previously invested in each other in various directions; kids raising themselves so that both parents can work to provide for the family what they feel will exhibit to society their success as parents and professionals. This 'trend in the bend' of making or being the exception to the golden rule, has already become dangerous. With every generation, every excuse, and every roll of the dice of decisions made, we gamble with the future of tomorrow’s value system. Making allowances for why and how long we can continue this is costly in many ways.

Are you paying your dues? Are you are missing the point when the word ‘dues’ is in place? It is not the actual due allowance itself that is the issue here but, the individual’s expectation of “being owed something just because.” Take a look at your self-worth and weigh the values you have for living a quality life and who you are as a person. How do they compare? Do what you need to when it is due.

Unexpected Change: No one ‘plans' for change…it just happens. Even now, you may see your success as hindered. Everyone, will at one time or another, approach this dreaded curve in the road. I once heard a comment: “We are all only one paycheck away from broke.” If you believe the lie that you are better than everyone else, you have taken a step of self deception and disillusion. There is always a bottom rung to the ladder you climbed to the top. Be sure you are able to accept change with each step taken in an opportunity. Make no allowances to cast blame for your errors or unworthy praises for your efforts. Look around you. What wall is your ladder leaning upon?

What are you worth?
In business - employment and personal relationships-
Who are you, really?

Business owner's with inflated egos often have an exaggerated view of their success. Like a peacock spreads it's feathers, they accept the awards for the efforts and prositive results put forth by their staff. A fair wage for a fair day’s labor is often lost in the politics of performance verses profit. The unrealistic expectations placed upon time goes unnoticed until the review is met with dissatisfaction. Never let anyone shine a dull light on you, your self-esteem and value. Always know your worth. Accept nothing less than your best. And know there are those who will surely see that and express their appreciation for your talents. Many companies have yet to see that the true value of an employee is seen in expressed gratitude and gratuity. You can't pay a debt with a 'thank you', now can

Same holds true in relationships. If someone has mistreated you and walked away, this is good. They have done you a favor. Never compromise your integrity for another. Congratulations to those who have survived these experiences and have washed the 'walk on you' footprints off their backs and moved on. They always say…what goes around comes around. And it is true: He who dies with the most toys- still dies. It is up to you what allowances you make or accept in how you are treated.

You are wealthy not because someone gives you wealth but because you earn it from the inside out.

You earn the right to be respected by others, by society, by your loved ones. You earn the right to make allowances in saying yes or no and knowing when to remain silent.

You have value not because someone pays you but rather because you have self worth.

You know you- your skills, your personality, your dreams, and your level of expectations of you. No one has the right to demand more of you or push you past that boundary.

You embrace the wisdom and strength to say ‘Good bye’ to a broken friendship, a broken love, or a broken opportunity. This gives you a new and fresh outlook on what is on the horizon for you. Hold dear those friends who are the exception to the rule, a found love which respects the rules, and a career that does not rule your personal life and relationships. Let go of who or what holds you beneath the surface of yourself.

Lifelong Interviews: From parents and loved ones; for a college entrance exam; then we do a resume’ for a job interview. And sometimes we even polish our personality for finding a significant other or a spouse. Some people miss the ‘personal' experience and even perform an interview for their ‘spiritual’ life with God. Yes, that is a lot of performing. It can be exhausting. Maybe it is time to resume the simplicity from those lessons of ‘becoming’ more with less.

Same but different - Our life is on that resume’ or a piece of paper, a list of who we are or what we've done successfully. Rarely do we include a list of our short comings. This is our test to move forward. In relationships we work hard to impress to get the date, to hear the yes to the proposal. This is for some, the ultimate interview for a life together.
Resume’ and resume. Spelled the same but different. One is about accomplishments while the other is about living. Let’s try to resume living and let the resume’ of our life reflect our accomplishments in family, friends, and our self worth. Taking ‘allowances’ with any of these areas will leave you emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and sometimes even physically broken.

So, here’s to your values- in who you are, who you are becoming…and to all you have been. Allow yourself to always be available to just BE. You are, after all, a human being…not a human doing!

Make and take some allowances...for and in life -

Now is the time…Yubw8n?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sharpen the EDGE of your Abilities

How many edges
do you have in
your life;
your personality;
your views;
your decisions;

Ever say that you are 'feeling a little rough around the edges'
or that someone else is looking that way?

Ever been on the edge of a decision?

Ever been almost pushed over the edge of what you can tolerate?

Ever had someone to ‘edge you on’ to something that was before you?

Edges are often imagined as being ‘sharp’ in nature, but are they really?

Most likely you are on the edge of saying…yes.;o)

When you are not feeling well then you are not feeling at your sharpest.
When you are trying to decide something, the manner you process with is a sharp vision of the answer.

And finally, when someone is annoying you, they are dull-definitely not sharp.

So, are you seeing a trend here yet?
Yep, you are pretty sharp. (Sorry...that just kinda cut right in there, eh;o)

Seriously though, let’s stand on the edge of another thought for just a moment, okay.

Sometimes, we need to realize that just because someone gives us something does not mean we have to accept it! What does this look like exactly? Here are some areas we encounter that often we never asked for and may not understand completely until we look at them from different angles:


So when you see a defined line do you view it as a boundary or an opportunity? Exactly- The edge of what we view is dependent upon our perspective. For example
Advice may be viewed as judgment.
Encouragement heard as advice.
Attitude delivered as anger.
Warning heard as an opinion.

Where you are standing when you are approached by these ‘edges’ determines how you view them. Your determination to see clearly is up to you. How sharp are your skills when accepting options in life?
What does all this have to do with edges? Well, let's look at a knife blade for an example and how it relates to skill, viewpoints, opportunities, and discipline.

Knowledge is like a knife that cuts to the core of our ability. How we access our ability is determined by how sharp the edge of the blade remains. Resistance and abrasiveness in life is what the wet stone is to the blade and what best sharpens our edge of tactics and tenacity.

However, don’t stand idly by ~ waiting and whining ~ you’ll cut yourself on your own complacency. Sometimes you have to get out of your own way.

Finally, the edge on the "knife of knowledge" requires constant sharpening. As you sharpen your character, take a moment to appreciate the 'edge' that is uniquely you. It is by looking at it from all angles that you become more aware of the opportunities life presents to you. So- Yubw8n?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"Shine On Purpose"

Candles are pretty~ yet useless until they are given the
opportunity to do what they were created to do.

Often we buy candles because of how they look and smell. True, they come in unique sizes, designs, and fragrances, yet how many candles have you purchased that you‘ve never lit?

Was this your original intention?
I doubt it.
But what has prevented you from lighting them?

Maybe you have a few put away or they are on display on a table somewhere in your office or home. Even though they look nice, they have not discovered how to be all they were designed to be.

A candle is a work of art and there is a specific combination of elements that when brought to life, bring joy to its owner.
This is also the ‘soul’s-purpose’ in the beginning…
You and I are a lot like the candle. Think about it:

We place ourselves in a situation where we think we belong but we are not living our potential.

We give ourselves to someone who does not really appreciate who we are, what we bring to the relationship, and the uniqueness of our abilities. And often, we justify this, and become covered in a dust of disillusion the longer we sit silent - with our gifts never appreciated. We have now compromised our character.

In the beginning~
We are held gently, respectfully and admiringly in the hands of One who knows us and our abilities to make a difference in our surroundings. He creates in us and enlightens us to be all we are. In His plan, He knows the circumstances around us. With His help,the fear is removed that held prisoner our potential. Then the wick which was placed with prayerful precision in the core of our being is ignited with energy, excitement, and enhanced anticipation.

We are now living our purpose!

The fire dances upon the wick and begins to melt away or disrobe the fragranced attire that it wears. Without pomp or circumstance, the space surrounding the candle is bathed in its fragrance. Look at that small flame on a string as it melts a crayon like substance and provides pleasure, light and warmth to the senses. It does so intentionally. For without the fire, the burn of purpose, it is just another pretty item on the table. The candle ‘gives away its inner most gifts'- warmth, light, fragrance-the soul's reason it was designed in the first place.

We were given the Gift so that we may become like the Gift!

God creates each of us to live our lives with and on purpose. Acknowledge those inner gifts meant to be a blessing to others. Don't put them on a shelf only to be seen by few and never appreciated at their fullest. For only when we remove our fears and have God illuminate our dreams with determination, will we begin to be all we are. You see, the candle does not fear the flame, but welcomes it. For the flame is what melts the heart of the candle and sets free the fragrance of its soul.

So, ask yourself~

Where is that flame in your life- the spark that ignites your dreams-the desire that burns in you to become all you can be? Rediscover the candles of living. Dust them off. Remove whatever it is that seals in who you are. Light the core of your being that faithfully awaits the opportunity to burn. Then, inhale the blessings that are blended with the foundation of your faith.

When you live your life on and for the purpose you were created, you will become a pleasant fragrance and light in the world around you. When someone is in your presence, be a joy to their life. Make and be the difference they seek and always encourage others to be and do the same.

Each life created was paid for with another’s.
(Did you catch that? If not, re-read that last statement)
Each candle is created especially for that moment it accepts the fire that will burn within.
You, yes you... are intimately known and designed for a beautiful purpose.

Shine brightly 'On Purpose' as you reflect The Light!

And finally---take the time to appreciate another's gifts....
Life is but a flicker, a flame...and in this one life you are given, ask yourself-


~Breath in and appreciate the beauty and fragrances that embrace you~