Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What You Don't Know - The Profit of The AGEncies....

Today’s Private Duty In-Home Senior Care Industry is truly Big Bucks for the AGEncy Owner, but makes little to no cents for the one providing the actual care. YOU have the means to make a difference in this. What you know now will help you later.
Need someone to watch over your aging loved one while you are otherwise busy? Senior Home Care is big business making millions for the owners of the agencies in your area.  Some people see this as a new MLM hidden under the blanket of a family of ‘franchises’. 
So, before you run to the phone to employ a dedicated hardworking caregiver who will only make miniscule funds (approximately 36% or $9 of the $25 you are charged by the Agency) to care for your family, you owe it to yourself to read this. Making a living is alright in the world of business. Yet many owners push & shove their way to the top of their company status quo by being experts in taking advantage of employee’s skills to make a buck & discarding them once the gig is up. Often the same is true that the company & the owner begin seeing the client as a number (often a dollar sign attached). How do they sleep at night with this sham lurking beneath their bank covers?

Yes, you are paying for the owner’s one of many multimillion dollar estates, a tricked out RV, new Beemer, & another exotic vacation cruise for their entire family.  The staff members that are hired to run the office find themselves at the revolving door of termination once the truth is uncovered & ethics are questioned. While owners have no tolerance for objections once greed has overtaken the reason for doing what they do, the truth always comes out eventually.
When you elect to hire someone directly (without an agency) to be there for your loved one you are able to pay a fair wage for their services.  An Agency will only pay the caregiver minimum. The difference is when you hire via an agency; you are making one person, the owner of the agency- very, very RICH.
If you have read this far and this is of interest to you, be aware that for every hour you are billed for a care giver, the owner of the agency you have contracted personally pockets approximately $11 of that $25. That is absurd.
To help clarify, here’s a little math:
Average example: An Agency has 300 clients at a required minimum of 24 hrs of service per week x $25/hr for approximately 52 weeks...
Less franchise fees of $5 per billable hour.
The care giver makes $9 before taxes (no benefits are provided). The owner is making a sweet: $80,000 take home a week? Yes you read that correctly!!! (only 300 clients...)
You will pay $31,200 a year for 24 hrs of care a week (although you probably will discover an alternative to this expense of $2600/mo)
Remember- the following is based from only 24 hrs care/wk.

$31,200 per year x 300 clients = $9,360,000 INCOME
$20,000 lease for office / mo x 12 = $240,000/yr
$50,000 salary for each of the 10 office staff = $500,000
*More accurate salaries range in the mid $30s.

$1,800,000 paid to the Franchise ($5 per hr billed)= $1,800,000
$11,232 / yr paid to each of the 300 Care Givers ($9/hr x 24 x52) = $3,369,600
(An additional $100,000 for miscellaneous expenses)
Drum Roll (be sure you are sitting down less you fall over).

With only 300 clients a week...imagine the numbers increasing-
Agency Income: $9,360,000 annually
Total overhead: $6,010,000 annually
Total owner profit: $3,350,000 annually
Care Giver hourly: $11,232 - $15,000 (24-31 hrs/wk) no benefits.

I remember when I was a privately hired care giver, as a 1099, I was making the fee which would have been paid the agency. In addition to this opportunity, I have also worked as a business & marketing manager on the inside of this industry for agencies. I know first hand the game of scrambling to grab another customer to provide 'a service'  (Check the oil please) I have assisted the owner(s) to become millionaires & have watched egos & arrogance swell with each dollar bill added to the bankroll. With little to no respect for the well being of those in their employ *short lived at that....the areas of big business BS that is shadowed by the sweet, caring --facade.

When you hire someone to provide the actual CARE for your family member compensate them fairly. The agency is not doing anything that you yourself could do. Knowledge is powerful & rewarding. Your loved one need not pay more than needed. Negotiate. Think about it- it’s personal to the caregiver...its profit for the owner- plain & simple.  

BEFORE the need arises, do your research. Find a genuine caregiver who meets your qualifications. They need to support their family; themselves....You can then be part of their solution as they become part of yours.

<Although the billable fees & amounts may vary per agency-the above is an example, the truth of the matter is still accurate. You can control the quality & the cost of care>



Do you enjoy helping people or caring for elderly family members? You may want to steer your natural compassion toward a career as a home health or personal care aide, a field that is heating up across the country.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, home health and personal care aides help older adults or people who are chronically ill, disabled, or cognitively impaired execute day-to-day activities like bathing or light housekeeping.

Hot Factors: The Department of Labor says employment of home health and personal care aides is projected to grow by a staggering 70 percent from 2010 to 2020, resulting in a total increase of 1.3 million professionals.

Why such impressive growth? There is a huge cohort of baby boomers reaching the age of care, says Shatkin. Plus, he says, the preceding generation is already well into that age.

Shatkin also identifies a shift in how elderly care is performed today. "The practice has been to move toward caring for people at home as much as possible, partly to contain health care costs and partly because the outcomes are better when people are in their familiar environment," he says.

Education Requirements: If you're interested in pursuing a career as a home health or personal care aide, here's some great news: According to the Department, there are no formal education requirements for this profession. However, most aides have a high school diploma and those working in home health or hospice agencies must have "formal training and pass a standardized test."

Thursday, October 31, 2013

What Time Is Your Appointment? Dialtone...

What time IS your appointment? 
Ever asked someone that question? They usually can give a specific time as an answer. An appointment is a designated predetermined time to be somewhere or to engage in a task that occurs just for us. And we try to keep it, right? Often the more prestigious the appointment or the person, with whom the appointment is with, indirectly enhances the value of keeping it. Rescheduling may not be an option.
What happens if you know you are to have an appointment, and then try to show up without one? Do you explain the reason you did not comply with the arrangements or that you are somehow worthy of being a welcomed walk-in? Aren’t you special? Well, think again, my friend.  
No matter who you 'think you are' in the big scheme of things - heaven requires a ‘prearranged- in advance- no exception to the rule- invite RSVP from the Creator of all events, God Himself. He loves you so very much that He wants you to be perfect in a perfect place that He has personally prepared just-for-you. When you accept God’s Son, Jesus Christ, as your personal Lord and Savior, you are now one of God's children, inheriting all He has. What reason would you say no?

And yet, we think we know best; we think that time is on our side so, we procrastinate. This is one VIP meeting you will not be late for, nor be able to ‘talk your way out of’ and you will definitely not be able to ‘talk your way in to’ the heavenly realm. Those without a reservation will have plenty of time to think about their error in judgment. They will sit in regal regret as they realize knowing the Creator personally determines where you spend all of eternity. You deny Him, He denies you. A pretty simply stated fact. And should you wish to 'risk it'....well, that also is your CHOICE. Free Will is a gift that God has given us.
We have been given a promise of Eternal Life....You chose between Heaven and Hell. Be certain of the answer for there are no do over’s, no second chances, no explanation that will change the ultimate destination.
God is giving you the opportunity to know. You are responsible to accept or risk the destination alternative- Hell should you decline the invite. It is a once in a lifetime event...don’t be late...don’t wait...you can’t say you did not know.
Imagine - you can enjoy the life you have to its fullest by knowing the One who Created you & wants to give you all of His blessings. And then, enjoy the eternal experience in Heaven.
So...ask yourself the one question that is asked by the One who is waiting by the door to the celebration of Love...  Y-U-B-W8-N ?

ENJOY A WONDERFUL MOVIE that will have you on the edge of your seat.
What happens when no one answers & all you have is a dialtone. Excellent film!
Simply click on the links below, sit back & listen for the dialtone.



Thursday, July 4, 2013

In Dependence Upon God


“As we celebrate our Nation's freedom with
family, friends, food & fireworks...
may us pause to acknowledge life's many blessings.

Embrace the moment.

In order to hold on to love, we must first
empty our hands of hurtfulness.

Lay down the weapons loaded with words of self righteous criticism towards others. As these expressions lay silent upon the fields of a furrowed brow, listen for the sounds of hope on the horizon. As we empty our egos of expression against the elected, realize that they are in the center of God’s will.
This plan is far bigger than yours

Spend less time sharpening your valid points – those words that hurt. It is when we have accepted a need to-be-right that we discover the hidden unspoken pleasure of carrying gurneys of animosity & arrogance away from a battle we wanted to win yet feared the fight.
Words wound. What is the purpose to inflict intentional harm upon another unless it is self gratifying to the one taking aim?
Life is far too precious. Appreciate.

...Give thanks to God...

for you have the right to elect & to pray for
the ones in present leadership.
You choose whether to take that opportunity
or simply elect to cast the ballot of blame upon another.

Remember to:

for those who stand in preparation to guide the future generations.

Let go of the past...
for it is now folded in the pages of history to be learned from & for future decisions.

Don’t just pray for a better world for our children to inherit...pray for our children that our world will inherit better citizens, honorable people with Godly character. May their character & integrity take them beyond what we have experienced.

Let the words of thanksgiving
tumble from your tongue

We are given the privilege of embracing life & all the miracles. For as 'day is done...gone the sun', night becomes a heavenly curtain upon the sky.
As you gaze upon the sparkling colors of courage, confidence, & gratitude...be aware. Listen to the bombs bursting in air...these are sounds of freedom. Yet in some countries these very sounds are ones that blanket fear.

May we be more grateful& less hateful!

Let the words of Praise & Peace
be in & on your heart

this very moment, this very day, this very statement were to be your last, what difference would your existence made to another?
Do you know truth?
Do you have freedom in your being?

It’s your trust in
the Divine Truth
that sets you free.”

 God Bless...


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Take What You Need...Yubw8n?

 ~gaining knowledge~
 ~accepting help~
~lifting another's spirits~
~giving an encouraging word~
You are not alone...

When you are learning to ride a two- wheeler for the first time, having someone there to support the bike as you are attempting to maintain balance provides assurance that you are not alone.

A parent teaches their child how to balance themselves on a two wheel bike while running alongside them as they accomplish their goal. Encouragement is a great form of exercise.

When you are trying to carry something that is too large for you it is wise to ask for another person to lend you a hand. Having someone on the other side adds balance to the process. Share the weight of a burden with another...

Have you have ever found yourself without a way to get to where you are trying to go? Maybe a wall is too high to scale or a valley to wide to cross. Yet having a kind soul offer to give you a lift is a welcomed gesture. Knowing that for the time of your travels you are not alone on that journey or left to fend for yourself in the elements of the moment can bring peace of mind to a tired body & a weary soul.

Feelings are the emotions reasoning of what is actually happening. When you feel down, discouraged, distraught, or disillusioned by what you are facing in a situation that seems far too big to handle, having a friend give you an encouraging word can clear your mind of worry.

Knowing you are not alone; that another person has been where you are, has felt as you feel, & has fought the temptations you are waging war against...helps you to reconfirm & maybe readjust your ability to get a handle on reality. 
Invest the time &
reach out to others...
let them know you care.
You can be the difference !


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lost & Found

If you have ever lost someone or something that you care about you will understand the following.
Lost has many faces; many names.
Lost... as in misplaced?
Lost... as in gone?
Lost... as in searching? And so on...

We have lost loved ones, friendships, occupations, &
'things' - like our keys, our car in a parking lot, our cell phones, our kids, our minds...Ok so maybe not the kids or our minds but now you get the idea. We no longer claim to have lost our train of thought. Yet, it is when we are lost emotionally that we find ourselves seeking advice, solace, confirmation & general assurance.  We have a tendency to wander about looking inward as we categorize, analyze, & rationalize the areas of ourselves that we believe need to be readjusted in order to be found acceptable. But ask yourself this: by whose standard of measure are you comparing yourself? Have your guidelines become blurred on the pages of society's status quo? 
May I introduce Grace. As I go about my day, Grace & I communicate. I like to share things with her; areas of life that have me perplexed & times of celebration that have me celebrating the understanding my purpose. Grace always listens. She is my heart's guide. She always assures me of my Father's love. Grace is my companion on the path I travel.

Who is Grace?
When we spoke of losing things, you naturally presumed
that we had eventually found them. How would you feel
if the lost were never found?

When we spoke of decisions that face us daily how many of us realize we are responsible for the choices we make. There is a better way.  For it is by Grace that we are able to see clearly that which is given to us - when we walk through life by Faith. While it is true that all have been lost & fall short of the glory of God, it is just as true that all can be found. No exceptions. It is your gift to accept...or not.
Once you know & accept the gift...by the 'Grace' of God, you are on the road to your Divine Destiny.
American Standard Bible (Ephesians 2:8)'For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves,
it is the gift of God...'
When you find yourself lost for answers, questioning yourself, your reason for being & what comes next, simply ask the Guide of your Heart for help.
God will give you Grace. And Grace will lead you home....

The hymn Amazing Grace was penned by John Newton.
To learn more about Amazing Grace...

Definition of GRACE
a: unmerited divine assistance given humans for their regeneration or sanctification
b: a virtue coming from God
c: a state of sanctification enjoyed through divine grace
a: approval, favor <stayed in his good graces>
barchaic: mercy, pardon
c: a special favor : privilege <each in his place, by right, not grace, shall rule his heritage — Rudyard Kipling>
d: disposition to or an act or instance of kindness, courtesy, or clemency
e: a temporary exemption : reprieve
a: a charming or attractive trait or characteristic
b: a pleasing appearance or effect : charm <all the grace of youth — John Buchan>
c: ease and suppleness of movement or bearing
—used as a title of address or reference for a duke, a duchess, or an archbishop
: a short prayer at a meal asking a blessing or giving thanks
pluralcapitalized: three sister goddesses in Greek mythology who are the givers of charm and beauty
: a musical trill, turn, or appoggiatura
a: sense of propriety or right <had the grace not to run for elective office — Calvin Trillin>
b: the quality or state of being considerate or thoughtful

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

In Loving Memory of My Dad

He was 27 years old when the doctor handed him a bundle of joy – a life he would share with mom for the rest of our days. As the doctor said...'Glen, you have a healthy baby girl...congratulations.'I’m sure he held me close, kissed my forehead, kissed my mom, & whispered I love you within his heart as he welcomed me. For that very split second, he was holding the youngest life on the planet...As time
passed, another life came to us, my sister,Brenda & our family was created. Over the years, we shared times of laughter, discovery, tears, disagreements & reconciliations. We talked at the dinner table about our day. Mom & Dad always took time to be there when we needed them, encouraging us along the way.
We learned about respect, family values, & God.

When I was very young, dad worked swing shift at Luke Mill. He would get up early & have breakfast with Mom - I would join them at the breakfast bar. We would welcome the morning over coffee (yeah, I started young) As he be walking out the door on his way to work...I would say to him:  “I love you, Dad -Tell Brooks & Gus, I said hello,”
He would kind of wave to me with his lunch box, & while placing his hat on his head, he’d reply “I will & I love you too, Chum.”
As the years passed, I looked forward to our time together after his late shift from work. Usually after everyone was in bed, we would share a laugh at one of the many Benny Hill’s antics. And he would tell me about his day & I would share mine.
We would share talks & plans for life while standing under a chassis of his car, & later with my car on the ramp. From our time together, I learned about the care & art of detailing cars, business & life skills & how to stand on my own...

There are many moments that I remember ...yet one memory I would like to share that is very special.
The look on Dad’s face when for Father’s day one year, I presented a model car I had completed from looking at a photo of him with his 54 Chevy Bel Air. It was a project completed in love. He kept that car for 30 years....the model, that is. As long as I can recall,we have always shared a passion for the antique, classic, & vintage automobiles. For this model car was a gift that touched his heart, a common bond between father & daughter that would later have a spiritual meaning...

A couple of months ago I was home visiting dad. It was good for we had time to talk, & share our final goodbyes. But at night God shared dreams with me. And this one specific dream really was a message to my heart. In the dream I took dad’s bel air to the mechanic because it was rusting, the headlights were dim, there were creaking sounds that indicated a need for service & the engine was not performing well.
The mechanic informed me after contacting the manufacturer that dad had accepted the lifetime warranty extended from the original designer of this model. He would only have to return the model he presently has - no matter the condition - for a brand new one. So he did. My dad had accepted the Lord & exchanged his old for the new. Now - He has a new body, new heart, new eyes...and probably some hair...no bald tires in heaven, right. :o)
The next morning I shared this dream with Dad, Mom & Brenda ... it was awe inspiringly comforting. As I felt the Spirit reveal to me the message behind the dream. I cried.

For 53 years ago my relationship with my earthly father began when he was handed a small frail body, completely dependent upon him & mom for everything. We loved one another from the very first breath.
Recently my dad experienced the very same dependency as his earthly body grew frailer by the day. He was loved to his last breath.

Now, I can imagine him resting in the arms of His Heavenly Father. No longer is Dad a small, frail body that had no choice but to submit to the decease that overcame him....

He is whole. He is perfect. He is complete.

His were the first arms to embrace me. He is the man I called Dad all of my life.  I called him that as I kissed his forehead one last time. And with a peaceful goodbye I am sure that heaven extended a joyful hello.

As I was writing this...I spent time looking at old snapshots taken over a lifetime. Christmas of 1997 Mom & Dad gave both Brenda & I each a box filled with family pictures & memories.

On the underside of the lid, dad had penned this poem to me:
"When you are busy & on the go;
And life doesn’t seem to be much fun.
Take time & look at these old snapshots.
And don’t forget you are always our ‘chum’." Love, Dad

So, Dad, I love you too & for old times’ sake,"
Please...tell Brooks & Gus, I said hello."
I will miss you & will never forget you. If I could remember that first
day in your arms, I’m sure I would have felt that love...Yes, I will always be your little girl...'Chum'.

I Love You, Dad.
“God, our heavenly Father, thank You for sharing Your Son with us so that we may share our lives with You. May we appreciate the moments we are given, the lives we are to live, the blessings You wrap around us. May others may see You living in us. Thank you for giving us Your gift of  love & eternal life, & for patiently waiting by heaven’s door to welcome us home. Lord,
You have given us peace, assurance & comfort in our spirits as we place our Dad, & husband & friend in Your arms. Amen"
Cecil G. Dawson
11/24/1932 - 05/29/2013
            Dad...here is one of our favorite tunes... 'Sugar Blues'

Friday, April 26, 2013

What Sword Do You Carry?

“Yes, the edge of hatred is still hatred & it cuts deeply with harsh words, abuse & pompous self righteous behavior. So, for just a moment imagine that this child was your child.
Open the door of your mind, & sweep out the dust of ridicule & self righteous bigotry. Attempt to see the message for what it is...prejudice & bullying from a perspective you may find...interesting.  
Do we not see that all form of hatred is wrong?
Pray for the hearts of our children that they will not continue the breeding of a disease known as 'disrespect for life'. Far too many people have camouflaged themselves regarding 'equality for all within our society' for fear of rejection.
Yet, willingly & pridefully applaud the pain of another in order to be accepted in the mainstream with the 'puffer fish of phoniness'.  For the injured spirit is disrespected for being themselves & are bearing the scars.  These wounds are often caused by the edge of hypocrisy’s sword while being withdrawn from the character of another.
Do we not see that all form of disrespect for life is wrong?

No one has the right to harm or judge. Hatred is still hatred no matter how many ‘amens’ you mutter on Sunday morning. Hypocrisy is one's claim for credit where none is worthy. Accepting does not mean condoning. Our Lord associated with everyone & related His love to everyone. Does this not mean we are to do likewise? Where your heart is ~ is where it is.

So, draw the line in the sand of your own consciousness ~ you that have no sin yet wish to cast the first stone. Oh, do be very careful not to drop that stone on your own foot

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lay Your Burden Down

“Come to Me, all you who labor & are heavy-laden, & overwhelmed, & I will cause you to rest.
[I will ease, relieve, & refresh your soul] Matthew 11:28 AMP

Whatever burden you have to carry, God will shoulder the better part of it. God will take the greater portion of your struggle upon Himself.  He will bear the extra weight & move with you to resolution.

Imagine holding a glass of water & wondering how much it weighs. You don’t know, but the longer you hold it, the more it seems to weigh. Hold it for a minute, & its okay. But hold it for ten minutes & your arm begins to ache. Hold it for an hour & you may need to call an ambulance. But if you take the glass of water to a table & set it down, everything is okay again.
Whatever you are holding on to or simply carrying on your own strength...once you lay it down, let it go & ask God for His help, His strength, His guidance...your spirit will be filled with His peace.

     God will take your burden off your back & give you rest.

Friday, March 15, 2013

An Almighty 'Ahhhh' Moment

"Sometimes I think the Lord creates specific little animals with precious expressions on their faces just so we can have a unique idea of Him. When you look in the eyes of this little Fennec Fox, your ♥ sighs a warmth of 'ahhh'
I imagine God's tenderness, His beauty, His gentle ways of loving us by being The One that knows how to touch our heart in just that manner...in everyday life. I believe God places a lot of His beautiful character in all living things & nature.

As a pet owner, I know this feeling every time I am greeted by Gizmo when I walk in the front door. How does this relate to God? I know God gets excited when we come to Him, embrace His unconditional love for us, & share our day with him. Think about it...if you have a dog or cat, etc...you experience this affection when in their presence; I bet you talk with your pet.

Yeah, now you get the picture. God knows our hearts ♥ He knows what touches our emotions. And when we let Him strum the strings of our ♥ s I would not be surprised if He smiles & may even say out loud "Yeah, I knew you would like this. It's Me saying I love you, my child. All are precious in My sight."

 In my quiet time moments, often the Lord will reveal Himself in the most interesting of ways...Even a picture like this one can be used in the hand of the Almighty to speak to one's heart ♥; tell me, isn't this just the cutest little fellow;

imagine the joy that God must have felt when He first saw this little face. Truly, creating such sweetness is an Almighty ♥ ‘Ahhhhhhhhh’ moment.♥ “

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What's in your dish?

What’s on your "Blessing of the Day" menu?
Every morning I feed my little dog, Gizmo. Usually he has his dry dog food mixed with some baked fresh chicken breast fragments. I give him a little taste of the chicken as I am placing them in the dish. He likes to pretend he doesn’t want it, lets me drop it between his paws as he lies on the floor watching me. He eats it as I return to the task.
Placing his dish & fresh water on his mat, I retire to the living room, coffee in hand, ready to have my morning quiet time. In my home I have a wall fireplace in the living room that looks through to the dining area also. I can see him as he lays there waiting to see if this is it or should there be more food to be offered. He doesn’t see me, but as he stares at the hallway & back at his dish eventually something registers with him that that is all. Mosey over to the dish, & enjoy. When he is done, I can hear the little slurp sounds of the wash it down water, and then he proceeds to stroll to the living room, and purposely brush against my hand to say thanks, as I reach down to touch his head as he passes by me. Japanese chins make little gurgle sounds & this one likes to lick his lips, nose, & paws as he takes his resting place upon a small homemade landing at the edge of his sofa. The morning is young. The blinds are still pulled. No one is up in the house except us.
It is quiet, peaceful, & an anticipated moment of the day. So, we share the morning routine- Gizmo with his interesting reviews of the cuisine he enjoys ending in a power nap, content with his world. And me...my coffee, my quiet moment alone with the Lord...and Gizmo, I pray that we may learn to take a lesson from our pets we are entrusted with to love & care for ... accept and enjoy what we are given - For the Lord provides our daily bread, just what we need & when- the blessings of each day. We can rest confidently on His provisions.
We are fed by the Word of God...Are you tuned in? Or waiting for more of...what? Yubw8n? Dig in! It's good for you...

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Joyful Jar of Peanut Butter Love

This has to be one of the sweetest videos of uninhibited enjoyment with life & the tastes of amazement that I have ever seen. I am a fan of these little creatures that God created for our entertainment & to watch this surely brings a smile to my heart. Watch the video within the link. http://www.wimp.com/peanutbutter/ I hope you enjoy the unspoken 'Happy' that is seen from the beginning to the end. I would like to share some thoughts with you for the New Year...I hope they inspire & encourage you...:) *As you go through your passions, do so with purpose. It is true that you may be noted for your victory, or maybe not. If someone is there to notice & give you praise, great ... if not, then be grateful for the jar & what you discovered on your own.
*Remember, no one gets anywhere alone. But sadly, many end up alone when they get there. *Be kind to those who believe(d) in you & have opened the jar of joy at one time or another in your life.
*And just like a lid that is stuck, when you close yourself off, no one really knows the joy that is inside you. Loosen the lid a little, share your heart with others.
*Always try to make a mends, forgive & accept forgiveness...life is too short to prefer being 'right' over being 'real'. Unnecessary stubbornness is only to be kidding yourself & shortening your joy & peace. :o) ...and finally....
*Attend the peanut butter jar events in your life with zeal. Be completely present for the gifts you are given but may not deserve. For there is no guarantee of another moment, or another jar of peanut butter... *Taste & see that the Lord is good! And He wants you to continue to discover & live your life to the fullest...John 10:10. Have a lovely New Year ...May your 'jar of life' always have the flavors you desire. God Bless... ©sedawson