Monday, April 30, 2012

Pulling Weeds of Worry

“Worry is a weed which shadows the flower of faith in the Garden of Grace. The Gardener will remove whatever is hindering the growth &
the beauty of your becoming all He has planted in your heart. You must open the gate & let Him in. To grow in the Lord is to let Him uproot your old nature, remove the sinful soil & nourish your Spiritual growth with Living Water.”

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Knock Knock...Who's There?

It’s dinner time & you have just sat down to dine with your family when there is a knock on the front door.
Frustration flies through you for a brief moment as your family time has been rudely interrupted by the unknown owner of such persistence. Yet, you answer the door finding someone you do not know requesting that you sign a petition for their beliefs & cause. This may be for an elected official, a charity, or a project in the educational or community environment. They are asking for your 'help'. Your eyes glance to and fro on the page as you take the pen, and sign the line indicating your support. Do you really know what you supported with your signature? Or did you just do this to dismiss the person from your doorstep to rejoin your family? I'm certain the answer has been yes to both on many occassion.
Let’s look at our petitions. According to the scripture & the dictionary- Prayers are petitions. With these we gather support by asking others to pray for us or with us for someone or thing. Pray without ceasing. Let your requests & petitions be known to the Living God. Do you share your prayers, your desires for achieving something in your life with others, your struggles, challenges, and successes of praise by enlisting their support? Are you a ‘childhood verse’ prayer? Do you mutter or do you talk to God as you would your best friend…matter of fact like. Prayer is like a tug of war game.
Praying without ceasing is having the rope constantly taunt with effort, energy, & determination. The other side also has the similar plan. Their goal is to keep you from believing that your prayers are even being heard by the Father. Who wants to be pulled in the mud by not holding tightly to their faith? Not I & surely, you feel likewise. So, when you bow your head before a meal or whisper a silent prayer, recognize the power your words of petition have within them. You are speaking to the Creator of the Universe, the Maker of all, the never ending always existing best Friend who wants the very best for you. GOD.
Take your petition to others, share your heart, your goals, & get their support. Likewise, be a support to others in their prayers. Elect to select the option & opportunity to knock on the door & then trust it will be open unto you. Knock Knock..Who's there? Ask another question... Yubw8n 2 share your faith regarding the power of prayer!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Flex Your Faith

"Faith is a spiritual muscle. If you don't exercise it consistently, it will grow weaker. Just as you may talk about your intentions & aspirations to exercise your body, as you begin to exercise your beliefs, the results will be seen & felt.
You are on a spiritual walk on the tread mill of everyday life. As you belief grows stronger this will increase your heart’s desire to go the distance. Sadly,too often people exercise the muscles of their mouth more than they apply the actual example of being, living & becoming spiritually fit.
Take the challenge of character: Begin your daily routine with prayer & quiet time alone with the Lord. Let Him guide you through the steps He has for you. You will discover that you will be your best, act your best, & love the most.
Go ahead- flex your Faith!” ...Yubw8n?