Wednesday, September 21, 2011

LIFE- How Does Yours Fit You?

Dressing rooms should be sound proof. We have all been there. You know, as you are trying on clothes sometimes you start with the size you would like to be and end up with the size that actually fits. The process of understanding this game of fantasy fashion is like that of fantasy football. You pick your teams: blouse, shirt, pants, sweaters, etc and hope for a winner.
During that process of trying the stuff ‘on’ we have a tendency to fly ‘off’ to an imaginary world fit of ridiculous expectations and wardrobe reality. When the two collide, we need the sound proof room to buffer our voiced discoveries.

Finding the correct fit in relationships, careers, and communication can also be frustrating.

Relationships-There are people who just won’t fit in with other people. Their mindsets are always going to be too loose or too tight. Sadly, in these relationships, many will compromise and wear a ‘friendship or love interest’ that is not flattering to them at all. They have decided that they just want to be comfortable and this is more important than how the one reflects positively or compliments the other. It may be too much ‘work’ to search or wait for the exact fit. Some will wear the same faded worn out saggy pants everyday rather than patiently accept the fact that they would be happier with someone else who fit their tastes far better. Compromise is one’s character caught in the clearance rack of self esteem.

Career opportunities are also areas of life that can be successfully ‘altered’ to best fit the person’s personality, performance, and passions. Many have success in their career which gives their character confidence. It is with time one learns their craft. To force a versatile persona into a pair of time-clock-watching-micro managing-office-miss-fits, is asking for an uncomfortable experience. You need to be able to breathe, to be yourself and move freely in your occupation; be flexible in thought and matching of talent with task. Otherwise, you will strip yourself of this ill fitting attire and move on to the next opportunity feeling discounted for your attempts. However when the career fit is right, heads turn, compliments flow, success is shared, efforts are shown appreciation and happiness is worn by all concerned.

You heard what you said but is it what you meant? You tried to convince yourself that this color or style would flatter your figure or overall appearance. We tell ourselves half truths all the time. And we are resistant when someone begins to shine the light on the other half. Then we see clearly where the seams of the sweater are snagged, the button of babbling has fallen off and there it is for all to see- a gap in communication. We have to educate ourselves on how to hear ourselves. Be alone with ourselves so that when others are around us, we appreciate both times equally. If someone is not clear in their communication with you, it may be because they are unsure of themselves because they truly don’t know themselves. They have been busy taking care of others so much that they are wearing hand-me-downs in the area of self. But in many cases it is very likely that they fear your response. They have committed a friendship flop. Like mixing strips and plaids it can be difficult if you are blind to the combination or turn away from the mirror too soon before you see the entire outfit.
What to do with broken buttons of communication is to not ‘zip your lip’ but to step back and together look at what may need taken in a bit, let out a little, tucked and pulled to where it best suits you. This takes time that many are simply not willing to invest.

So, the next time you step in to that little gotta 'try it on fitting room' at your favorite clothing store, take a minute and listen to the sounds around you. Voices will tell you many things even if you cannot understand the words. Tone is to expression like the tag is to a garment. It tells you how to best care for the investments you are wearing daily…your relationships, career, and communications. Never let the unacceptable attire of life wear you out.

1. Iron out the relationship wrinkles,
2. Tumble the talents of your career choices available to you on a less stressful temperature and
3. Add a little more softener to your words.
There…doesn’t that look better on you. Time for a change? If so, Yubw8n?


Sunday, September 18, 2011

It's for you...

The phone pause for just a moment & wait as someone answers it & turns to tell you - "It's for you." Or maybe you've missplaced your cell phone & you're concerned about missing an important call from someone that is 'just for you'. Maybe you will miss the call regarding an emergency that you need to be informed of or an invitation to a special occasion meant- 'just for you'. Either way, you may experience a feeling of disconnection when communication is gone & out of your control.

It seems these days that everyone has their ear glued to the cell phone or texting with abandonment- in the car, at crosswalks, in stores, bathroom stalls, & even in the most intimate of settings-we really don't know the value of true communication at all. We have made it artificial.

Even when the phone rings- we jump to answer the call. When we have excitement to share, we immediately reach for the phone to call someone to share it with. Even as children we play ‘telephone’& actually never out grow the want-to of speaking to people on the phone. This fun, continues...

Caller ID is a great feature as it let's us see the present situation in real time & decide our actions; whether we will take the call or let it go to a recording even if it is convenient for us to answer. This ‘letting it go’ is simply another form of procrastination. Sooner or later, we know that we will retrieve the missed call, listen to it & then decide, if it is still an option to call back, an action worthy of our invested time.

Life is like that too. People come & go in our life. Many go to our ‘procrastination’ area. We avoid feelings, confrontation, decisions, & closure. If we had had a caller ID on this relationship, we would often just delete it entirely,if we knew then what we know now or should it just not suit us. This irritation rings & rings repeatedly until an action is completed. What is it that stops us from dealing with the situation...the person? Where is the communication?When was the last time you sat still, silent with another person, & then actually talked face to face? We get wrapped up in our life's 'stuff' & give less time to 'people' for who they truly are.

When opportunity calls, answer it. You never know who is on the other side, what it is that is being presented & if you fail to answer the call, well…you have done just that- Failed to Answer the Call. You missed it. And you may not have a return number to call back & hopefully recapture the missed moment.

On the Spiritual side of things, when you choose to be disconnected from your GOD, your Source, you are also lost. Communication has broken down. Prayer is a form of that relationship & requires no special words, equipment, or environment. There is no special ‘ringtone’, service plan, or unique gadget to use. You can talk with God anytime, anyplace, about anything. He is always awake & on your time zone. No long distance fees, no taxes, no rules. Just talk.

While we smile at the little one who finds joy in playing 'grown up' on the telephone,ask yourself this...Have we taught our children the value of prayer?
Do we appreciate the time we have to share our hearts with God?
So, the next time your cell phone rings…maybe a special ring tone of a loved one or a dear friend…don't hesitate- pick it up. They have a reason for calling you.

And as for prayer...God is waiting to hear from you. By the way, God doesn’t need ‘call waiting’,’ call forwarding’, or ‘caller ID’. God knows you intimately & loves you eternally– He just wants to hear your voice. Take the opportunity!

Ring...Ring...Answer His Call...
Ask yourself-Yubw8n?
After all,It's for you