Sunday, December 11, 2011

Decisions, Do-Overs & Destiny

but a brief documentation of & in time. From the moment you started reading this – many things & people have changed. Most likely a life was created & a life ended. In the well-known ‘dash’ between your birth & your departure from this realm, what difference have you made in the lives you touch? What difference has been made within you? In the end, the difference God has made in & through you will matter.

Ask yourself…Have you set an example of excellence in the experiences you have had or in those you have created? When others hear your name, do they have positive pictures in their mind’s eye of you & your integrity?
What will you sow, reap, & harvest from your life? The ‘values’ & talents you have are treasures that have been entrusted to you. How wisely have you invested them in the life of another? What matters to you-money & material gain or moments & memories that are more precious than gold?

Take a brief moment in time & reflect on where you stand in eternal priorities. Rest assured, there are no do-overs. There will always be graves of regrets covered with the soil of sorrow. Earthly tears are shed for the loss of the physical man, yet the heavens weep for the loss of the spirit of the man who arrogantly stood upon his own feet in defiance rather than humbly stand at the feet of Jesus & accept His Gift of Salvation & Eternal Life with Him.
Yes, THIS IS~ the end of the beginning of the last paragraph. THIS IS~ parallel to the end of a life. There is a period…no comma…no next page.
The next chapter is yours to acknowledge & accept. How many lives have come & gone since you started reading this sentence? - One day- yours will be one of them. Answer this - if THIS IS~ the last sentence you ever read~Do you know where you will live for all Time? If not, Yubw8n?