Wednesday, November 21, 2012


“Either way you look at this, it is a giving thing...of thanks. We set aside this time to do just that. So, for that time...even if you do this wonderful expression often...let’s pause & seek to discover the moments, people, & purpose that is your reason for a grateful heart.
When the Lord is the center of our appreciation, we are no longer strapped to the economy that waivers & causes wondering worry of what will happen next. God never changes. After the festive feeding frenzy of thanksgiving...people have already established a plot, plan, & proposed agenda in order to purchase some-‘thing’ to give to someone else. Have we really taken the time to evaluate the priority of that gift? For it is not the price that is important...if it paupers you later, the cost will continue to haunt you for months to come. The richness & prosperity of a person is weighed in the value placed in the relationships they are given, not the gifts. A gift is free.
So, as you stand at the check-out line, really look at your ‘pile’ of presents in the cart. Ask yourself: Was there frustration or freedom in your spirit as you reviewed the names of those you ‘wanted’ to give some token of thankfulness? Or was there a sense of satisfaction knowing that what you have for them is truly something they ‘need’ in their everyday living? Is yours a relationship that is not only wide in understanding but also deep enough to determine their true lack & you wish to provide the present that will fulfill their need? There is satisfying warmth in true giving- not to get-but to complete.
If you buy just for the sense of buying, you have taken the joy away from yourself. It is not how many or how costly the presents...but rather the sentiment, sincerity, & satisfaction in knowing that what you gave was exactly what the person(s) really- really- really need in their life. This is how Thanks-Giving continues throughout the year...not just for the one day we have titled it to be.
For God so GAVE HIS ONLY Son.... The Lord knew what we needed & gave His very Best. May you know the joy of accepting HIS GIFT with a Thank-Full Heart...” Yubw8n? Give thanks always....