Thursday, October 31, 2013

What Time Is Your Appointment? Dialtone...

What time IS your appointment? 
Ever asked someone that question? They usually can give a specific time as an answer. An appointment is a designated predetermined time to be somewhere or to engage in a task that occurs just for us. And we try to keep it, right? Often the more prestigious the appointment or the person, with whom the appointment is with, indirectly enhances the value of keeping it. Rescheduling may not be an option.
What happens if you know you are to have an appointment, and then try to show up without one? Do you explain the reason you did not comply with the arrangements or that you are somehow worthy of being a welcomed walk-in? Aren’t you special? Well, think again, my friend.  
No matter who you 'think you are' in the big scheme of things - heaven requires a ‘prearranged- in advance- no exception to the rule- invite RSVP from the Creator of all events, God Himself. He loves you so very much that He wants you to be perfect in a perfect place that He has personally prepared just-for-you. When you accept God’s Son, Jesus Christ, as your personal Lord and Savior, you are now one of God's children, inheriting all He has. What reason would you say no?

And yet, we think we know best; we think that time is on our side so, we procrastinate. This is one VIP meeting you will not be late for, nor be able to ‘talk your way out of’ and you will definitely not be able to ‘talk your way in to’ the heavenly realm. Those without a reservation will have plenty of time to think about their error in judgment. They will sit in regal regret as they realize knowing the Creator personally determines where you spend all of eternity. You deny Him, He denies you. A pretty simply stated fact. And should you wish to 'risk it'....well, that also is your CHOICE. Free Will is a gift that God has given us.
We have been given a promise of Eternal Life....You chose between Heaven and Hell. Be certain of the answer for there are no do over’s, no second chances, no explanation that will change the ultimate destination.
God is giving you the opportunity to know. You are responsible to accept or risk the destination alternative- Hell should you decline the invite. It is a once in a lifetime event...don’t be late...don’t can’t say you did not know.
Imagine - you can enjoy the life you have to its fullest by knowing the One who Created you & wants to give you all of His blessings. And then, enjoy the eternal experience in Heaven.
So...ask yourself the one question that is asked by the One who is waiting by the door to the celebration of Love...  Y-U-B-W8-N ?

ENJOY A WONDERFUL MOVIE that will have you on the edge of your seat.
What happens when no one answers & all you have is a dialtone. Excellent film!
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