Saturday, July 25, 2015

TLC for Jackie...

Today as I was driving to a client's home, I noticed a dog that had been recently struck by a car struggling to get up as it lay on the side of the road. My heart broke. I went passed & turned back to see how to best help this little creature. A female Jack Russell terrier, about 6 years old, looked up at me in desperation.  I was able to cradle her in my arms, spoke gentle reassuring words to her & noticed the dog's eyes were responsive as I held her;  it was like she understood that someone had come to help. I prayed that she would be ok. Although there was a little blood in the nose & eye, she appeared to be comfortable being held close.

As I approached the closest home's front door the person who open their door to me told me the dog belonged to the neighbor across the highway. She stated that she had helped them fix their fence so the dog would stop leaving the yard. Her words of disappointment in the lack of concern from the owners towards their pet was obvious. The owners could care less & what she feared would happen had.  I thanked her & went to see the owners who  took the dog inside with little intention of additional care to its wellbeing.  Now all I could do was pray for the little pup that could not speak for herself as to what hurt. ( My goodness people...take the little one to the vet. Be responsible.) I waited in my car for a while then went to inquire of the dog's name & condition. The woman who had taken the dog from my arms stated that the dog was eating ok & that her daughter was calling the vet.  My schedule meant I had to leave...there was nothing else I could do. 'God please take care of your little Jackie & thank You that I could give her a little TLC in her despair. '
At this time I do not know what happen to Jackie.  But in that brief moment when I lifted her from the road in my arms, I knew it was part of God's plan for our lives. God had me there for her.
When I returned home,  I immediately embraced my dog, Gizmo & I cried.  He knew my heart was tender at this time.  Everyone has a purpose.  Today God showed me one of mine...I had held her in my arms, close to my heart. For that time, she knew she was cared for. Feel better soon, Jackie.

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