Wednesday, April 22, 2015

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The Joy of Being

When we stop and breathe in the air around us, we do more than just fill our lungs. We fill the areas of our lives that are not complete. This can be accomplished by appreciating the fragrance of fresh linens, or the aroma from a flowers first opening to the world. Truly, a breath of fresh air does one good.

Another a robin as it looks for a fresh worm. All the senses bestowed upon it are awake and alert. The focus is flawless; the goal set. Must find food. Simple, right? Yes, it is. Knowing what your purpose is in the moment is essential. Do you know yours?

When we simply set our minds 'on' enjoying the moment we begin being our true selves 'in' that moment. Take a deep breath. Exhale. Repeat. Not much thought in this on a regular basis but when given attention, it is noted as part of the Joys of Being. Find the next moment & exist to your highest level of you.
Nice, isn't it. :)

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