Saturday, November 28, 2015

Divine Discovery


Leaves jaywalking across the street; only to hide from one another against the soul of a passerby.  

The raindrops race to their divine destination delivering a droplet of hope to smallest of seed.

A rumbling avalanche chases it's echo. A storm grumbles & complains as it is asked to leave that corner of the sky.
The leaves clap their hands & the meadows bow low.
It is the goodnight kiss of nature.
Trees submit to the calmness from within their branches
as the storm subsides.
The evening sun gives one last look upon the edge of the sky
as she slips out for a night on the town.
              The night's sky is dressed in her black dress that 
glistens with wonderment.
All eyes are upon her as she makes her entranceway to
 midnight's grandest ballroom.
 Nature has tucked her youth under the blanket of restfulness. 
           The sun silently enters through morning's open door
              then gently folds back the cover from another day.

Meanwhile the leaves are waiting for another breeze
               to escort them across a path.
The rain is preparing for another new life to begin.

                                                                                                                        The trees have stretched their arms;
                   the meadow awaits for her turn to
                                                      embrace the wind.

Your invitation to eternal life is now.
Look upon the grandeur of God's gift alive in His creation.

Behold, the Prince of Peace will return to escort His Bride home.
Will you attend?  Are you aware of His message in all of Nature?
He loves you.
The festivities begin the moment you accept His personal invite.  
RSVP         Eternity awaits.....

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