Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sticks & Stones...

Never attack or alienate someone because they don't view their life successes or failures as you do. It is their life- they are the only one with the ‘right’ to decide how they live it. No one has assigned you responsible for changing them to fit a preconceived expectation you have carried on their behalf.
Lay it down. Let it go!  

They have created their own levels of success, carry different values  of importance & dreamed dreams that you will never know; many that will forever elude you. Therefore, don't presume that you have the right to criticize them. Is this belittling attempt done with the purpose of justifying your own lack of pursuits?  Rather- build another up with the bricks of believing in their talents rather than trying to bury their ambitions under the dirt of demeaning. 
Remember-it’s not all about you.
For when people cast another stone upon those who they judge please be sure to not drop that ‘better than you’ boulder upon their own foot.   Be the difference.
Pray for those who judge your short-comings differently than they do their own.

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